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Avatar Maker & Anime Metaverse

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REALITY-Become an Anime Avatar description

REALITY allows you to go VR livestreaming! Whether it’s streaming or real time game chats with your VR friends, just a tap keeps you in touch with!

Now is your chance to hit the ground running on a brand new, next-gen virtual community!
Be a creator, make your own anime avatar and Vtuber contents on REALITY!


Customize Your Avatar!
Fully customize your 3D avatar in just the way you like - it's all yours!
As an anime-maker, you can create anime character which no one has ever seen.
Give your stream some flair with seasonal costumes and cute onesies! You can change your look to fit your mood.
With your phone's front camera, REALITY translates your head and facial movements directly onto your anime avatar, bringing it to life!

Broadcast Live!
It only takes seconds to start your own stream with your anime avatar!
And since you don't need to show your face, you can keep your identity totally secret with us!
You can also collab stream with other streamers and begin socializing.

Watch Live!
Watch popular VR streamers and entertaining content whenever you want!
You can even send interactive 3D gifts, chat, and make broadcasts more fun!
You can directly communicate with your favotrite Vtuber.

Find Your Online Tribe!
Join virtual communities with your customized avatar!
Check out collab streams with up to 4 people as they play games and quizzes!
Moreover, room streaming feature allows you to design your own VR space, and literally live in there with your friends.
You can also message on the app. Chat with others with your personalized anime stamps!!


We recommend REALITY if you:
・Are into Vtuber contents, youtube, or live broadcasting!
・Are interested in the anime-maker VR world!
・Just love dressing up avatars!
・Want to interact wth people and enjoy games in huge communities!
・Want to have fun and chat with people all over the world while playing casual games!
・Want to show everyone how talented you are at singing, playing music, voice acting and so on!
・Like anime and want to enjoy the virtual world!
・Want to challenge themselves as creators/makers of worldviews that cannot be created in the real world!


If you are not a Japanese speaker, please select “English” in “Language support”.

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