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Real Table Tennis 2.4 apk, update on 2016-01-10
Swipe your finger to send the Ball flying in a direction you want, it's easy to learn and challenging to master. Feels like playing Real Table Tennis!

- International Table Tennis League
- 20 Unique Players to Challenge
- Career Mode
- Online Multiplayer
- Realistic Table Tennis Physics
- Beautiful 3D Graphics
- Leaderboards

Swipe your finger in a direction you want the Ball to go. Timing your swipe is critical for a fast shot that is hard to return. Starting your swipe too early or late will send a slow shot to your opponent which is easy to return. So start your swipe when the ball is in a perfect position for a fast and precise shot.

Have Fun!

Real Table Tennis APK reviews

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David Asiedu review David Asiedu
Quiet a wonderful game but only few issues. 1. Add more countries like Ghana. Especially all Olympics representative countries. 2. The Afii Wong is a dead end in level 4 with blue rocket. Pls fix this. 3. Time waiting between leagues is just too long. This is the most interesting game I have ever played. Love it . Just the above mentioned problems is killing my interest in it.
Bill Tomison review Bill Tomison
I guess that is when they expect you to spend money for upgrades. First couple rounds you can dominate. After that you are lucky to score a point. Even when you get to the ball it still flies off the table as if you missed it. Badminton is exactly the same
Andrew Arredondo review Andrew Arredondo
1. Waiting time you can go to your settings and manually set the time an hour ahead and close the app then come back and you can play again as many times you want when you repeat the process. 2 its not hard to save up balls every time you beat people or challenges. 3 I just saved up enough balls to get the best racket and shoes to beat anyone.
Jeze review Jeze
Please you can make the game WAY better if you just give 15 balls/points for every 5 online wins, not just the first 10, and not just once as an achievement... There are many complaints regarding this problem so please... And thank you. I like this game.
Mike Organ review Mike Organ
Good game but so many needless obsticles in order to play. League only one game then have to wait 45 mins to play again. If you want a seemless experience you have to buy balls so if you don't use in app purchases go elsewhere
A Google user review A Google user
Chris Anderson review Chris Anderson
You can't play a proper shot. Not only that you have to wait 40 mins before your next match. Not only that they expect you to pay for other things as well. The people that you play just seem to win. You can't seem to move your player before serving. You don't get enough rewards from winning matches and i guess that's why I'm half and half about the game.
shinoy ansari review shinoy ansari
This is undoubtedly the best tt game on android. It is very difficult to master the moves. But once you have learned the tricks, its simply great. Split screen multiplayer is cool. Online multiplayer sucks, with unnecessary slow motion. The cant play with friends online. Thats a negative point
Nick Ngai review Nick Ngai
For a phone, controls are pretty good! Moving up takes time and persistence. I've beaten everyone except Affi Wong (and the final tier), using just the equipment that was given and not spending a cent.
Bedabrata Bhattacharya review Bedabrata Bhattacharya
Game physics is very good. Responsive ness and performance very smooth as well. Tilting the tables at the right moment adds just that bit of difficulty to the gameplay, which is welcome. Only bummer is waiting for so long for each league game. Overall, splendid game.
Andrew A review Andrew A
Great game overall, some fun matches. Being able to Upgrade bats and foot wear in the game makes it more fun.The harder the apponents become throughout the game which makes it more challenging. However, waiting 40 minutes for a next leage match is bad.
James McEwan review James McEwan
Since the recent updates, I've found it too hard to win in League mode. The 40 odd mins wait between games is annoying. I hardly play this anymore. I used to love this game.
Sachin Jain review Sachin Jain
Graphics ok but seems not a user friendly game. Can't find how to go training session again and wait for next game seems to idea of some inexperienced game developer.
Teodor Halvadzhiev review Teodor Halvadzhiev
Not bad, however it requires payment to play continuously, which is a hardship. Also I am yet to see a table tennis game that implements underspin and unfortunately this one isn't the first. It's nice that there is a player and you cannot teleport the racket like in most similar games.
Heather Pannu review Heather Pannu
The game starts off being fun but then if you don't purchase items it's impossible to progress any further. You swipe to hit the ball and nothing happens. Was fun while it lasted