Real Drift Racing : Road Racer APK

Real Drift Racing : Road Racer
Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 1Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 2Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 3Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 4Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 5Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 6Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 7Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 8Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 9Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 10Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 11Real Drift Racing : Road Racer screenshot 12
Real Drift Racing : Road Racer 1.0.1 apk, update on 2016-10-13
Real Drift Racing : Road Racer
New generation of car racing games 3d. Race and drift in a big city, zooming around curves and between lanes along with top racers! Join in this fantastic drag racing, get into your speed car and get the motor to go. Racing with different transport tools, feeling the best speed of racing! Drift, drag and crash the way, smash your way to collect the boosters, pick up special car model to change it, stay ahead of your friends! If you like turbo car racing game, Real Drift Racing : Road Racer is your best choice!


Customize Your Car
Cars can be customized with a wide range of paint, rims, brake calipers and interior trims just like a real car. Collect more gold coins to customize your car! Be the unique landscape in the city race!

Two Operation Modes:
G-sense: Tilt device to control direction. More convenient!
Touch control: Tap buttons to control direction. More classic!

Daily Gift:
Remember to sign in everyday, you will get great surprise! Besides gold coin, diamonds you will also gain fine super cars!

Variety of City Race
New York, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, etc. Experience the different style of scenery along the racing! Create a stunning visual experience for you!

Four Different Modes
Classic Mode, Elimination Mode, 1 VS 1, Time Trail. Choose any kind of mode you like to show your skill. Believe you can win the game in all of the mode!


Features of Real Drift Racing : Road Racer:

-3D NEW-GEN Graphics
- Super-charged action packed motor racing simulator
- Smooth and intuitive motor handling controls
- High speed car racing with tilt controls
- Various tracks and scenario to choose from
- Overtaking other high traffic riders to get more scores
- Rich selection of game props
- Do more stunts to get higher scores and bonus
- Many supercars are waiting for you

Drive your car in the five road, run as fast speed in the city highway. Collect nitro, and when it get to three, the car will speed up and smash you way, feeling the best endless racing game in the city streets! Here time is all, if there is no time, it will game over! Pick up more coins, get daily bonus, earn rewards and upgrade your car or knocking other better and faster cars so that easy to compete the target mission. Download Real Drift Racing : Road Racer right now to experience the best hd car racing game and win the honor!

Real Drift Racing : Road Racer APK reviews

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Fahad Tahir review Fahad Tahir
Fahad tahir a little while to find out more than one year experience with the only one I am a great weekend as I can get it done and it will not work with a good time and consideration of this communication in a good time for you and the rest is a good idea of a new thread is about to go with a great day to day basis of the day and I will be a good day to day life with a little while and it will take place at all and it was the only one I am going on the other day that you can do to get a good idea of items in the only used to it was just thinking of me I am not able and the rest is a good time for it and the rest are not a big difference is a little while and it is the best of my resume to this email and I will send you an update for Windows vista price of this communication including the other side of the other hand the other side and I have been trying the same thing happened with a great time with your canopy TRD sport package is not an option in my case the other side and a few weeks ago I was wondering how much I love it and I have to get a new one is for a a wonderful day I am not awhile and it is not an option in my life with a lot more than happy with my life I love you h
Iamcootie review Iamcootie
Gggggff dogfish codfish Kristi
horrifying Oceanside discuss
Kunju Kk review Kunju Kk
Very slow to load
When I start game 10 min to loading
Christopher Mazengo review Christopher Mazengo
Very good game
Sandid Saman review Sandid Saman
This game is very very very cool that I play this he evey time
JR Dickson Jack review JR Dickson Jack
Very good
Thube Justice review Thube Justice
Loved it
Ernest Mensah review Ernest Mensah
I love it this game is excellent
Glazie Mariano review Glazie Mariano
Appreciate it... nice work from game maker... thanks
Amiri Amir review Amiri Amir
Vrisen Kumar singh review Vrisen Kumar singh
Loved it
Cool graphics, real good time enjoyment
dk goyal review dk goyal
vr good
this game is well done this is very interesting game.
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Ransford Henry review Ransford Henry
Worst game ever
Stupid game. .. don't waste your time downloading it.. it's just waste of time.. gave one star so I can comment....
Hattie Braxton review Hattie Braxton
Best game
Jungle rules you play this game is really about if you got skills you really got to know how to draw if you get it right then I'll see you so many ways and shows I think I hear me out loud Tennessee Tennessee