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Bring your Favorite Sport to Another Level. Live stream to Facebook or YouTube.

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SportCam - Video & Scoreboard description

SportCam enables you to live stream sports from your device directly to Facebook, YouTube or over RTMP, it also adds a cool scoreboard which adds a touch of a professional broadcast to your live video.

You can easily start a live video stream, SportCam will embed a scoreboard to your video on which you will be able to add points by either touching the screen or remotely with a second device.

If you are an amateur, semi-amateur or even a professional player of sports like tennis, squash, badminton, football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, table tennis and many others, SportCam helps you bring your game online and live!

Organizing tournaments? Championships? Or any kind of sports events (even the regular weekly match)? SportCam is perfect to live stream matches and also add a scoreboard to your video stream. Along with our own software Rankedin (we recommend you to check on it), it will help you to organize, control and stream your sports events like a pro.

FREE to use and explore, SportCam is constantly being improved with our current version capable of:

• Score points on the screen (touching directly the screen or through smartwatch)
• Remote scoring with a second device
• Logo overlay
• Full-screen graphic (break) overlay
• Custom text overlay
• Select teams main colors
• Counter Up / Counter Down / Counter Adjustment
• Scoreboard customization
• Store video on a mobile memory
• White label
• Enter Player/Team Names
• Video Stream Live to Facebook or YouTube
• Zoom In and Out

We value your feedback, so please for any problem, bug or suggestion contact us on [email protected]

Reminder: enabling a live stream on YouTube for the first time, may take up to 24 hours. Once enabled, your stream will go live instantly.
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