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Rain on the glass - Droplets
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Rain on the glass - Droplets 1.5 apk, update on 2018-03-20
Add a rainy scene to your Android device with this live wallpaper app. It features a window with rain droplets falling down with crisp and clear graphics.

Rain on the glass is a refreshing new app which will soak your phone screen with many small water drops! Customize your desktop with the most beautiful rain drops live wallpaper available on the market! Get relaxed and stay in a good mood with Rain on the glass! Come rain or shine, this is the best rain drop live wallpaper! Brighten your world with this animated background featuring tiny raindrops and heavy rain falling on your screen! Download this fun app now, and open a new, rainy window to the world! If you enjoy watching little drops of rain chasing each other down the window, get this free “HD wallpapers” now and you'll have the perfect decoration for your phone! Bathe your screen in rainfall – download the best live wallpaper now!

The soothing effect of these exceptional backgrounds will change the negative attitude that many people have about the rain! Just by watching the small water droplets trickle down your phone screen and listening rain sounds, all your troubles will be washed away! Download this rain wallpaper free of charge and have the best raindrop backgrounds! If you enjoy watching small raindrops falling down your window, this free app for phone and tablet is exactly what you need to decorate your phone screen!

Raindrops have always been compared to tears, hence the link with sadness. However, this relation is far from the truth – this HD rain live wallpaper will convince you to believe that the happiest people are those who enjoy seeing these little droplets! And the sight of the rainbow – who can resist that? Watch beautiful landscapes getting wet on a gentle sprinkle! Find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Download this fun app now, and don't forget to share this Rain on the glass live wallpaper with your friends and family! If you love rainy weather and soft drizzles, this is the right app for you! Give your phone a completely new, wet look with this amazing raindrop wallpaper! Are you tired of your old backgrounds? Download this unique and refreshing live wallpaper, which will immediately change the appearance of your smartphone!

If you like romantic backgrounds and enjoy watching the rain through the glass of your window, you are at the perfect place. Rain on the lass live wallpaper will offer you just what you need! Embellish the screen of your phone or tablet with numerous gentle water drops falling nostalgically as if they bring all the finest memories back. Grab a cup of tea and check your messages while the best live wallpaper in the world stands at the back making your device unique and romantic. Listen to the sound of the rain on a rainy day, and match your screen backgrounds with the weather outside. We hope to bring peace and calm to your life, you only have to download cool moving wallpapers and let yourself be soothed by the rain dropping. Enjoy the Rain on the glass Live Wallpaper for free, and share it with your friends!

It's a romantic rainy day outside, you are all wrapped up in your favorite blanket sitting by the window and observing drop after drop sliding down the glass. Suddenly you receive a message and you are obliged to look away from the charming sight we just described. Why wouldn't you then try downloading Rain on the glass Live Wallpaper and have this kind of scenery always before your eyes? With a “raindrops wallpaper for mobile” you can watch the moving water drops even when it's sunny! That is the best side of “moving backgrounds” - here you can find a free download of one of the most amazing “live wallpaper apps” and use it whenever you want! Get refreshed on a hot summer day by a rain shower, type your messages and browse through your pics with the “rain images” decorating the screen from the back.

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