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Raging Thunder 2 - FREE 1.0.17 apk, update on 2016-09-27
Raging Thunder 2 will take you through abandoned temples, tropical beaches, snow-covered mountains,
the Great Wall and a range of other breathtaking vistas the world over!

Key features:
- Console quality 3D graphics
- Cross-platform multiplayer racing
- Fast paced, intense gameplay

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Raging Thunder 2 - FREE APK reviews

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Bhushan Kanchan review Bhushan Kanchan
Awwwsum game.
Derz no other 20mb racing game better then this....plzzzz make RAGING THUNDER 3 with new tracks,new cars (below 30-35 mb) :P
Yash Shinde review Yash Shinde
Too many glitches in multiplayer
...always disconnected due to ads or other reasons... Other unwanted stuff /ads which causes great disconnectivity and errors in multiplayer.. Game is hungry for money.. Too many ads and get disconnected for unknown reasons.. Though I have a very stable 44.2Mbps Internet connection.. Please improve and launch improved multiplayer update. Go for customer's satisfaction and downloads not ad money amount you make by causing great disturbance in game. Otherwise the best game of it's class. Waiting for update.
Van An Ngoc review Van An Ngoc
When I got bored playing this game because it is not recommended For New Car Racing 4 Stars
Neha Ahmed review Neha Ahmed
Good game but too glitchy
I love the game but its messed up.. throws me out of the game anytime.. sometimes i dont have control over my car half of the race.. please fix this.. im fine with the ads but doesnt mean it should pop up half way through the race.. like come on guys!!
Nishant P review Nishant P
Best best best car racing simply best
Best best best car racing simply best
john donnan review john donnan
Its like burnout
Great arcade boost and drift racer, its fast and colourful, the tracks have jumps and shortcuts and other obstacles, you can spin out the opponents by ramming them and the car damage affects handling too, also the tilt controls are the best ive ever used, game would be tons of fun in local multiplayer but only online and single player is supported
bugok ako review bugok ako
You suck
Games is good but too much stupid ads.. Whick disconnect me in multiplayer.. You stupid
hosin ben review hosin ben
Loved it
Great great great great great great great great Great great great great Great great great
Md Bijoy review Md Bijoy
I loved it,this is a very interesting game.I don't think that there is a game better than raging thunder 2.
Tamika Jackson review Tamika Jackson
The graphics is cool... The speed on the car is great... Even the levels are cool... Best racing game I had since i had my new phone... Must download... If u love need for speed, u will love this...
Nisarg Patel review Nisarg Patel
it will b completely fine aftr having touch stearing..... but it is awesome...better than other crap....
Pratik Rawal review Pratik Rawal
Nice game but can be better.
The game is cool. Its a good time pass. But you can make it better by adding more mods and cars. I m not saying that the game is bad . its good. But u can make it Better. Then I'll rate it 5
Ali Hassan review Ali Hassan
I totally love this Game I spend hours playing multiplayer mode
Thanks Polarbit Team. GUYS Must Download This Game Its Awesome
Kennadi Jackson review Kennadi Jackson
Best racing game!
I love this game! I recently changed phones and I was so upset when I couldn't find this game. I went through what felt like 1,000 different racing games just to get back Raging Thunder.
Parthib dey review Parthib dey
Awesome ,those who hate this you do not know nothing about gaming
That cool and. Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesoooooooommme ....do something of that level which appears black ..roads are black impossible to pass