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Quizio PRO: Quiz game 1.0.8 apk, update on 2018-08-16
Quizio PRO is exciting trivia game for adults and children where you will find questions about geography, cinema, music , chemistry, physics, history, math etc.

Some of the features:
★ More than 3500 questions
★ 7 categories: General, History, Geography, Science, Soccer, Game of Thrones, Mixed
★ 5 difficulty levels
★ 2 supported languages: english, russian
★ Use offline, no internet needed
★ No Complex Rules
★ Frequent application updates!

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Quizio PRO: Quiz game APK reviews

A Google user review A Google user
Pretty good if you're into trivia, but it's limited in it's subjects. I would suggest maybe adding pop culture into the game like games, music, movies, book, etc. But I can't complain since I got it when it was free.
Sunny e review Sunny e
The questions are mostly based on USA. Too boring and too silly questions about USA and its stupid presidents.
Timothy Hilditch review Timothy Hilditch
The questions get repitive quickly. And the categories "soccer" and "game of thrones" made me uninstall it.
Jeff Herrera review Jeff Herrera
It a good application for brain teasers.
A Google user review A Google user
Nice game
Master Solanki review Master Solanki
Nice questions for different fields!
Kou Mabuchi review Kou Mabuchi
I am enjoying this.
Paolo Dizer review Paolo Dizer
vinod sreedharam review vinod sreedharam
Greg H review Greg H
Final question disappears a bit too quickly./ Should have a rule-free/blitz-mode that just rips through all the questions, removing ones you get correct three times until you're done. Weird phobia question offers two oceans as possible answers?? Grammar errors are around "an artist" or "a composer" (leading 'a' or 'an' missing).
Mr Bixby -HAG- review Mr Bixby -HAG-
Please add vietnamese language. Thank so much
Joseph Johnson review Joseph Johnson
Incorrect answers. Example: Who was the first president to be impeached? The accepted answer is Nixon. Nixon was not impeached. The correct answer should be Andrew Johnson, which was not a choice.
Um Zahrah review Um Zahrah
It was a brilliant and knowledgeable game loved it😀😀
Serge Che review Serge Che
Please, make an option to change the font.
Marty Dolciamore review Marty Dolciamore
Incorrect answers, which bill does not have a president on it - the ten dollar bill is a correct answer, Valery, Hamilton was Secretary of the Treasury. Yes, Jefferson is on the two but this is a specious question.
Alida Keenleyside review Alida Keenleyside
Terrible grammar, US currency questions, several incorrect answers, no pause button! Also nonsense permissions. Gtfo my location services.
H Wh review H Wh
General knowledge questions are heavily US centric. Grammar in some of the questions is questionable at best. Too many questions about Apple as a company. A bit bland.
prabhnoor singh review prabhnoor singh
Its not best but you can try it,
A Google user review A Google user
Some of the grammar is poor, but overall enjoyed it.
Lukes z review Lukes z
Why so many needless permissions???
Android 1S Sanchit review Android 1S Sanchit
General knowledge a very nice app
Jay Tatiya review Jay Tatiya
Please can you add more categories
jacob lucaci review jacob lucaci
Very small amount of questions
Saima Akhtar review Saima Akhtar
Me encanta este app, muy incormativo
Mickey Nickz review Mickey Nickz
So far so good,please add a pause button in upcoming updates.
A Google user review A Google user
Good but not great
Margareth Custodio review Margareth Custodio
its fuuuunnn
Noman Meria review Noman Meria
Nice one !!
Honar soran review Honar soran
Abba Firaa review Abba Firaa
Couple questions are wrong. One I remember for sure is how many years Ryan Giggs played for Manchester United under easy soccer category. The correct answer should be 20 years but this app says 14. In addition, this app needs more categories. For ideas... NBA, NFL, technologies, etc
José F. Clemente review José F. Clemente
Excuseme in spanish please.
my name is Dude review my name is Dude
I love it
A Google user review A Google user
Nat Pantling review Nat Pantling
Fortunately I got this game free during the sale period; it's not worth the extra cost. Get the free version currently if you want to try it. Firstly, the game looks polished and runs smoothly, interaction on the whole is good. Bizarrely though it can't make it's mind up if it wants to be portrait or landscape, which does irritate quickly. There isn't enough variety of questions either, every science award question is answered with 'Nobel Prize' which again is frustrating. For something that pitches itself as a sequel to a legendary game, it falls somewhat short.
Dave Lorimer review Dave Lorimer
Not that great, the questions are repetitive and it seems like English is not the primary language of whoever wrote the questions as there are what seems like poor translation issues. I got this free on a deal and am still uninstalling it.
Morghan Phoenix review Morghan Phoenix
Really annoying to have it request a review every time you exit the app. Developers really need to stop doing that, it makes us rate you lower out of pure annoyance.
A Google user review A Google user
It's awesome..... Not only but also good.....👍👍sooo addictive and.......funny. Then..... It has limited questions.... Liked it so much 🙂🙂
Arcansa Corenca review Arcansa Corenca
What the hell is LANDLOCKED. this question just repeated with different countries 1 million times at a level plus the lives given with respect to the number of questions is not at all fair. Made me to just uninstall the app.
Cathal o callaghan review Cathal o callaghan
The English used in the questions is of poor quality. Where are Harvard university, for example. It's outputting, and makes you take a second read of the questions which is annoying. Even in the limited time I spent playing it, many questions were repeated.