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QuadRooter Scanner
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QuadRooter Scanner 1.1 apk, update on 2016-08-30
The Check Point QuadRooter Scanner analyzes your Android smartphone or tablet to discover if it’s vulnerable to the newly-discovered QuadRooter vulnerabilities. QuadRooter allows attackers to take complete control of Android devices, potentially exposing your sensitive data to cybercrime. The scanner app is designed to give you clear indications of the threat risk to your device and provides more information about QuadRooter, including which vulnerabilities affect your device and how they work. To learn more about how to keep your device protected, visit http://www.checkpoint.com/quadrooter

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Mak Hondjo review Mak Hondjo
This is for all the people who rated it 1 star.
Sute your self. If you want a hacker to use this on you then ok. Not my prob you dont believe in it. If you dont understand the code then dont come here and criticise on it. Since i know that one day you guys will regret ignoring it when a hacker hijacks the device with malware, i wont stop you from criticising it. Have a "nice" day ;D
Bashful Giant review Bashful Giant
Just Remember
If you have any vulnerabilities, the only fix will come from a patch by your phone manufacturer, and not some third party app. To keep safe in the meantime, disable unverified apps and only download trusted apps from the Google Play store.
Michael Stiffler review Michael Stiffler
Know your device
No vulnerabilities on the Nexus 9! Oh wait, doesn't feature a Snapdragon. From what I've read, this is a Snapdragon issue, and patches were completed in July, now it's up to device manufacturers and carriers to implement them. My 2015 Moto X dropped two of the vulnerabilities in the past week...
Oliver-Rhys Graham review Oliver-Rhys Graham
Y'all are idiots.
Anyone saying this doesn't provide fixes for the problem is right, it doesn't, BUT IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO! Or even able to or allowed to for that matter. The fixes can only come from your manufacturer and they'll be doing older phones later or not at all. The only sure fire fix if you have an old phone is to get a new phone.
Martin Loughbrough review Martin Loughbrough
Did exactly what it said
I ran it on first install and it found two vulnerabilities. Shortly after this I got another update and was down to one. Now it is all clear... This app detected the issue but Google updated my phone to fix it. Shows the need for suppliers to roll out security updates.
Mike O'Driscoll review Mike O'Driscoll
Mixed results on 3 devices
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running 6.0.1 says NOT vulnerable. Google Nexus 4 running 5.1.1 has 3 vulnerabilities. Nook HD+ running 4.0.4 has zero vulnerabilities.
Brian Morrison review Brian Morrison
Going backwards?
Updated just now, now finds no vulns on August patched Nexus 5X where previously it found 1. Link to check 2 CVEs shown does nothing, just highlights. Doesn't inspire any confidence.
Legit app to find out
I ran the scan and I have 4 vulnerabilities in my LG optimus. And my phone is up to date. I wonder if I am still protect as I have a paid subscription to Kaspersky's Android anti-malware suite with full protection activated and all privileges allowed to Kaspersky for constant monitoring of my phone and all processe's. Does any expert know if this will protect me from my phone being rooted and hijacked?
James B review James B
Nexus 5X has one vulnerability after 5 Aug patch
*9-8-2016* UPDATE My Nexus applied the 5 Aug 2016 patch last night and now only has one vulnerability left. *8-8-2016* My Nexus 5X has 2 vulnerabilities. Probably the same for most other Nexus 5X users I would guess. Thankfully, the reason I chose Nexus devices is the continual security patching from Google. Hopefully this will get addressed automatically in the next security patch. If not the app links to a page providing a method for manual patching if a vulnerability is found.
Andy Wright review Andy Wright
Just an attempt to sell stuff
The results of the scan didn't say if phone was vulnerable to quadrooter. It listed some vulnerabilities but didn't explain what they were. The checkpoint web site isn't working properly at the moment. Just seems like an attempt to scare people into buying checkpoint products.
Imdad Chaudhry review Imdad Chaudhry
S6 Clean
Did the scan, came back clean - didn't try to sell me anything. Ran it for peace of mind. As someone else has said, this can't fix the problem - Qualcomm have sent the code updates to phone manufacturers and they will need to send out updates to affected models. If you get a vulnerability, best thing to do is contact your phone manufacturers to hurry them up with this patches!