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The fastest and most accurate QR Scanner, QR reader, qr code scanner for android

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QR Code Reader: QR Scanner description

If you are looking for a simple and fast qr code reader with your phone camera, qr-code reader is the utility barcode scanner app that you are looking for. qr scanner is capable of intelligently recognizing qr code reader automatically and creating barcodes extremely quickly and conveniently. qr-scanner can scan in any format qr code+ and it's completely FREE!

You can use qr code reader to check the origin of goods or search for product information. More than that, qr-code reader also has a barcode creation feature that allows you to create your own qr scanner. What could be more useful than summarizing all the necessary information in just one qr-scanner ? Especially for small businesses, creating qr code+ for your products will help products reach users in the fastest way.

QR code reader is highly appreciated in the market by millions users thanks to the following outstanding qr code features:

Scan the correct code

- Scan QR code and Barcode in just a few seconds
- Smart automatically identify to distinguish barcode scanner
- qr-code reader directly with a phone camera or scan photo - code from the gallery
- Diverse scanning options when users can scan qr code+ anywhere such as on product packaging or qr-code appearing on websites
- Flashlight for scanning barcode scanner in low light

Quick code generation

- qr scanner allows users to freely create barcode scanner at will
- The option to generate QR codes or barcodes serves a variety of purposes such as generating codes for your own social accounts, contact information, or business products with qr-code.
- qr-code reader helps to Integrate product information or personal information in text form into a convenient qr code.

Insert code into images easily
QR-scanner allows users to quickly insert created codes into images. Users can freely adjust the barcode size and position in the image as desired. Besides, you can directly share the qr scanner image on any social networking site.

Professional management - qr code
QR code+ records the history of qr-code of users. This is super convenient for the need to re-access old links. In addition, the application also stores created qr-scanner in a separate folder for better management.

Owning a qr code reader will bring a lot of benefits to you when nowadays, have become very popular. Get the required information quickly and easily with just one scan with qr-code reader. Moreover, with qr scanner, you can also create qr-scanner for your products and manage them effectively. Download qr code+ now to scan QR codes or barcodes anytime, anywhere!
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