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Innovative match-3 elimination for unending fun!

Puzzle & Knight description

Welcome to the world of Verdanis, come on a journey with Puzzle & Knight.

Game Features:
◎ Create powerful units with a flick of your finger
Innovative match-3 gameplay brings you a different kind of match-3 experience! Here, you need only move your finger an inch and all kinds of units of all different levels will appear on the board. There’s even an auto-elimination feature to help you!
◎ Complete elimination goals to increase your power and clear stages faster
It’s match-3, but that’s not all it is! Eliminated units don’t disappear, they work toward the elimination targets of every stage that summon powerful allies when completed. Through elimination you can continue to increase your power and clear more levels.

◎ Gorgeous battle effects, special abilities at your control
In Verdanis, every unit has their own unique battle ability. Press the unit’s icon when the time is right to release their ultimate skill, destroy the enemy and overcome danger!

◎ Adventure through diverse maps and take on stimulating challenges
As we delve deeper into adventure, a wide world unfolds before him. The Infinity Tower, tall beyond imagining, and the mysterious regions of the Dreamy Realm await your spirit of discovery!

◎ A variety of character cards that accompany you on your road of conquest and adventure
The world of Verdanis is filled with unknown dangers that are too much to be handled alone. Summon a team of friends with the magic Crystal Ball to help you in your quest-- companions like Shadow Cat Sniper, Tiger Ranger, and many more await your summons!

◎ Upgrade your gear and assemble your favorite lineup
A varied system of units and gear allows you to assemble a truly unique team, while racial bonuses and the class combat system create captivating battles. Make the story of your adventure a legend!

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