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You need strategy and learning before facing the world

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In playing pubg new state you will play and have to beat other players from all over the world, of course some of them already have experience and are hard to beat. Therefore you need strategy and learning before facing them. In this guide to playing pubg mobile, we have summarized the articles you need, you only need to study them one by one.
In addition, it gives you information about weapons and maps that you need to use, a good explanation about playing pubg so that you know more about it and easily play better. It will also give you the best drop zone locations and more.

➨ How do you play pubg?
➨ Top Drop Zone Places?
➨ How Survive in pubg?
➨ Map Positioning.
➨ How to Get the Best Gear?
➨ What is Best Weapons?
➨ Guide to Fast and Easy Building Loot.

This is just guide and 100% free, we are not affiliated or associated with. We just created this guide to help fans of pubg to understand the game rules and how it works, if you feel that there is a direct copyright or trademark just contact us and we will solve any problem.
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