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Converts an Engineering variable (PSI, °C/ etc.) to an output (mA, mV/ etc.).

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Process to Signal (4 to 20) mA description

Status Instruments’ free App for converting a process signal value, in any engineering unit, into a control signal in milli amps, milli volts, or volts.
For use in temperature measurement, process control, and signal conditioning

The input engineering range and output signal range are entered into the calculator.

Typical use would be for a control or alarm system monitoring the temperature in a vessel. A temperature transmitter would be used to generate a mA signal to represent °C.

Input range in engineering units (0 to 100)°C ; output signal range (4 to 20) mA [sometimes given as 4-20mA]

A point input value can entered in °C and the corresponding output signal value in mA calculated.

An output signal value in mA can entered and the corresponding input temperature in °C calculated

Typical engineering units
inH2, inHg, ftH2O, mmH2O, mmHg, psi, bars, mbar, g/sqcm, kg/sqcm, Pa, KPa, Torr, Atmosph, Cuft/min , gal/min, L/min, Impgal/min, Cum/h, ft/s, m/s, gals/s, MMgal/d, L/s, ML/d, Cuft/s, Cuft/d, Cum/s, Cum/d, Impgal/h, Impgal/d, Deg C, Deg F, Deg R, Kelvin, Mv, ohms, Hz, mA, gal, L, Impgal, Cum, Ft, M, Bbl, In, Cm, Mm, Min, S, H, D, cSt, cP, uMho, %, V, pH, g, kg, Met Ton, Lb, STon, LTon, mS/cm, uS/cm,N, Nm, g/s, g/min, g/h, kg/s, kg/min,kg/h,kg/d, Met Ton/min, Met Ton/h, Met Ton/d, lb/s, lb/min, lb/h, lb/d, STon/min, STon/h, STon/d, LTon/h, LTon/d, Datherm, SGU, g/Cucm, kg/Cum, lb/gal, lb/Cuft, g/mL, kg/L, g/L, lb/Cuin, STon/Cutd, degTwad, degBrix, degBaum hv, degBaum lt, degAPI, % sol-wt, % sol-vol, degBall, proof/vol, proof/mass, bush, Cuyd, Cuft, Cuin, in/s, in/min, ft/min, deg/s, rev/s, rpm, m/h, NmlCum/h, NmlL/h, StdCuft/min, bbl(liq), Cuft/hr, Cum/min, bbl/s, bbl/m, bbl/h, bbl/d, gal/h, impgal/s, L/h, Ppm, Mcal/h, Mj/h, Btu/h, Deg, Rad, inH2O @ 60°C, ug/L, ug/Cum,%Cs, Vol%, % Stm Quad, ft.in 16, Cuft/Lb, pF, mL/L, uL/L, % plato, % LEL, Mcal, KO, MJ, Btu, NmlCum, Nm/L, StdCuft, Ppb, gal/d, hL, MPa, inH2O @ 4°C, mmH2O @ 4°C, & uV.

Note: the values represent ideals, no tolerances have been applied and no allowances for input source errors, or output measurement equipment errors have been used.
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