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Maps and mods for the Minecraft - Prison Escape. A great free adventure.

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Prison Escape maps for MCPE description

The collection presents several versions of the Escape from Prison map, differing not only in visual style of execution, but also in the level of complexity. You'll need to think carefully about your plan of action in order to outsmart the guards and deal with all the obstacles that come your way to freedom.

Original Prison Escape

The presented map is made in the genre of adventure with high detail of the premises and surrounding areas, which facilitates the rerun with the construction of new schemes to achieve the cherished goal. The implementation of the developed rescue plans will be hampered by smart security guards. At the sight of a player will surely send you to the solitary confinement. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and calculate in advance each step.

Escape from Prison 2. A map for two.

The newest and the most actual version of the popular map. It has a huge size and detailed elaboration of locations. To escape, you have to combine your efforts and find a partner, which can act as your friend.
To be in the skin of a prisoner on your own, just download the Escape Map for Minecraft PE and choose the most appropriate location by level of complexity. The only correct way to escape does not exist, so it is necessary to combine the options, which greatly increases interest and makes you pass these levels again.


In the story, you attempted to rob the national bank of the world Minecraft PE, but the situation got out of control and you were captured by law enforcement officials. You come to your senses already in a cell without remembering anything and understanding that you need to flee from this place. In order to escape from the prison, you will not only have to be clever, but you will also have to trade with other prisoners on small missions.

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