Princess Workout: Beauty Salon APK

Princess Workout: Beauty Salon
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Princess Workout: Beauty Salon 1.1 apk, update on 2017-02-21
Play as a physically fit princess in this fun exercise themed spa and makeover game.

Take the princess to the gym to exercise and be healthy. Run on the treadmill and see how far you can make it. Go up and down hills to increase your stamina and build your leg muscles. You’re sure to feel great when you finish!

Then it’s time to lift some weights to increase your strength. Use barbells to exercise your biceps and triceps. Count your repetitions and see if you can beat the others in the gym! Don’t forget to do your stretching too. Stretching helps relax your muscles after a long workout and increase your flexibility.

When your workout’s over, head to the spa for a hot stone massage and a refreshing facial. Wash, exfoliate and moisturize her skin using organic oils and soaps. Finish the treatments by trimming her eyebrows and apply a cucumber mask. She’ll be rejuvenated when you finish.

Then take her to the salon for a gorgeous makeover. Pick a pretty hairstyle and apply makeup. Choose from lots of different colors and styles. Apply eye shadow, blush and mascara. The princess will be fit and fabulous with all of your help!

Product Features:
- Help the princess workout at the castle gym
- Lots of hairstyles and makeup to choose from
- Spa level with various skin treatments to apply

How to Play:
- Tap to choose cosmetics and spa options
- Swipe to apply makeup and stay in the lines
- Drag and swipe to work out at the gym

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Princess Workout: Beauty Salon APK reviews

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Reitu Devkota review Reitu Devkota
It's boring !!! And it stops in the middle while playing this game !!! I will say that just go to hell!!??
Meena dubey
I loved this game it's so much fun
Love it
I love this game and the music is so nice, I just love this game
sara mohammad review sara mohammad
Too bad this game is not applicable ?
Latisha Moore review Latisha Moore
This game is not bad but it keeps freezing all the time
Keep distance, it's soo boring
Ishu Devkota review Ishu Devkota
It's boring !!! And it stops in the middle while playing this game !!! I will say that just go to hell!!??
s m review s m
Too bad this game is not applicable ?
Prachi shishodia review Prachi shishodia
Keep distance, it's soo boring
A Google user review A Google user
I love this game very much
A Google user review A Google user
این برنامه عالی هستش اما کمی اولش ورزش هاش طولانی است??????
rishu.garg1981 kapsun123 review rishu.garg1981 kapsun123
It's a nice game it's about a joging
A Google user review A Google user
Its like two apps in one. I love this app and i also think its inspiring. I think everygirl should install this app.
A Google user review A Google user
Fabulous game like it.that's it I don't want to say anything about this game please install it.
Mya Mia review Mya Mia
Keeps stopping as soon as I finish the exercises, uninstalling immediately. Do not install!