Princess Swimming Pool Fun APK

Princess Swimming Pool Fun
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Princess Swimming Pool Fun 1.0.2 apk, update on 2020-04-03
Do you want to have fun in the best Pool Party ? Do you want to play in the swimming pool and enjoy summer ?
Let's go in the Princess Swimming Pool with your handsome Prince !
There are a lot of fun activities which need to be completed.
Please help this beautiful princess in this fun game for all the family.

The best app to be in a crazy swimming party near the beach.

Princess Swimming Pool Fun is simple and fun :
* Open the game and choose the level
* a relaxing spa, bath and relax
* a fantastic pool to swim and have fun
* doing facial beauty treatment and washing the hair
* drinking and eating in a fantastic whirlpool
* enjoy with the prince boyfriend with music, drinks and balloons
* save and share the image of this crazy pool party with your friends

Run your own Pool Party For Princesses !
The best game for girls in the funniest pool of the city !

Decorate the swimming pool the way you want to !
Relax by the pool with the sound of waves on this earthly paradise !

Princess Swimming Pool Fun is a must have app for you. Features:
-a lot of levels to choose from
-help this beautiful princess to be ready for the swimming pool
-do different beauty activities in the Spa
-have delicious and refreshing drinks
-have fun with your prince
-a fantastic pool on the seashore
-the best romantic holiday of this summer

Play with the best Pool Party game !
Organize the coolest Party of the summer ! some VIP could be part of the party !
Now you are a party planner ! Let's design the most beautiful pool party of the world.

Have fun with BATOKI !

Princess Swimming Pool Fun APK reviews

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Hania Maqbool review Hania Maqbool
It is a very bad games friends I suggest you to not download it.
A Google user review A Google user
It is stupid
Vamsi Sanchez review Vamsi Sanchez
It is stupid
Katy the fairy of the 25th Realm review Katy the fairy of the 25th Realm
I. Thought. We. Could. Dress. Up
suresh biswas review suresh biswas
Natalie Ristevska review Natalie Ristevska
It was fun but it took 55 minutes for it to download. I gave it five stars because its not all about the download, its all about the fun.
A Google user review A Google user
I hate this game because it's control are very slow and it need to be better
It's OK??but not fantastic? ?
Shishu Sneh Vatika review Shishu Sneh Vatika
Hi all I'm new at least I know I will send the game hard.
Vahid Alizade review Vahid Alizade
عاشقشم فقط خوب میشد اگه ازون کارا هم میکردند
A Google user review A Google user
Not good train.....
Carmellia Barrett review Carmellia Barrett
Janiya Barrett.
A Google user review A Google user
It is not a game
A Google user review A Google user
Very worst game
Rohan Bezuidenhout review Rohan Bezuidenhout
I love it so much it is sme kind romantic and lovable