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Premium Wallpapers HD 4.4.1 apk, update on 2017-11-30
Premium Wallpapers HD and Backgrounds HD is a collection of the best full HD wallpapers and backgrounds for your smartphone or tablet. All our wallpapers have been personally selected so you can personalize your smartphone.
A modern but simple UI is used so you can easily navigate between categories. We hope it will make it easy to get to the wallpapers you want. Also in Premium Wallpapers HD (Backgrounds HD) you have the opportunity to favorite the wallpapers you like most along with users all over the world, making your favorite wallpapers rise to the top!


- Thousandswallpapers in HD and qHD quality.
- Wallpaper sorted by 20+ categories.
- New wallpapers and images every day.
- Only HD quality.
- Save wallpapers on your SD card.
- The high speed of the application.
- Stylish interface.
- Ability to automatically change wallpaper

All wallpapers are divided into categories, you can see the most popular and newest wallpapers. New wallpapers (images) are added almost every day, so check back every day, you won't be disappointed! You can change your background by long pressing your wallpaper or in your settings.

Premium wallpapers HD is one of the brightest and most beautiful applications in Google Play by its subject: Personalization, Live Wallpapers and themes.

The list of wallpapers we have: monochrome, texture and love wallpapers. You can install patterns, animals or anime themes, choose between cars wallpapers, aviation, city or flowers wallpapers.

Macro photos, motorcycles and nature will add personality to your phone. Select landscapes or space, dogs or cats, amazing girls or men, every picture will make your device to stand out. And do not forget about fantasy wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, flowers and hd fondi.

Premium Wallpapers HD APK reviews

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fabien linthorne review fabien linthorne
Once had everything (anime?) Now only random recycled google images, im leaving I've got to find some
Pupot Si Bayu review Pupot Si Bayu
Lame server wait about 3 minutes but still only a white blank screen on my phone! Stupid developer!
Jasleen Kaur review Jasleen Kaur
It is easy to operate. Many wallpapers r available. I love it.
Azim Aijaz review Azim Aijaz
Nice app but ads disturb a lot while using other apps
Mae Clearwater review Mae Clearwater
Love it! Great as wallpapers but also as a relaxing coffee table book. Just thumbing through the pics!
Reliable & gives great variety. The clearity is wonderfully vivid. It has ease of use & settings. This saves the tedious act of search for wallpapers that in the end have little to no options. My only request is more gardens. Veggie & floral.
Zealot Jay Beast review Zealot Jay Beast
What I love about this wallpaper app is their signatures style! Unique, classic and versatility! Thousands of wallpapers app in store and they focus on typical things beautiful image of wallpaper but to common sense. Nothing crazy, rare and occult about it make them looks so boring, dull, repetitive and untasteful. Keep up your good works guys!!!
Suman Biswas review Suman Biswas
Worst app ever from funniest developers...
Previous version contains no ads, after update show to many adds, while the free launcher contains no ads, then why we install it??? for showing adds.... Haha nice nd dedicated to the mad developers for a that funniest ideas...... Hahaaa
very good selection
l enjoy the available photos to choose from and decided to donate to be rid of the ads! UPDATE: Ads started to appear again so will uninstall. Wasted money with this app! AVOID IT!!!!
Ksenia Shekera review Ksenia Shekera
Ads started popping up on screen
Ads started popping up on screen because of that app. I liked it but niw I'm deleting it. Don't recommend to install it.
Foster Pumphrey review Foster Pumphrey
Great app
I've used this app for probably a year and whenever im tired of my wallpaper I just find a new one!
Chout Rodriguez review Chout Rodriguez
Wow malware infiltration!
Screw you guys and your garbage app... After the update my Nexus 6p is flooded with malware pop-ups and it is the top app draining my battery.. I uninstalled but now this garbage remains and I will now have to wipe my phone! Reporting this app
Peggy Schmitzer review Peggy Schmitzer
Was good and then...
I have had this wallpaper app for over a year on all my devices (4). So I start getting annoying pop-up ads all over my screen in March 2016 that coincide with this app update and after a LOT of headache I happened upon other users reporting the same problem with this app. This app is going bye bye...UGH
Mara review Mara
What the heck?!
What happened?! All of a sudden I don't see my wallpaper anymore and when I check the app it doesn't allow me to use the scrollable feature of the whole image. Whatever it is the problem, if it isn't fixed soon I'm uninstalling.
Nuna Urbizness review Nuna Urbizness
DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP !!!!!!!!!! Like other reviews, I too had in the past (for over a year) installed this app on several phones with no problem. A few days ago there was an update to the app that I let install and then started getting the random popups appear on any screen and would not move. I suspected this app was the cause, but liked the app so I kept it installed. After much Google searching I found threads Identifying this app as the cause. I uninstalled the app and the problem is solved. No more popups !!!! The good news is that when the app created my wallpaper it also created a .jpg photo of the wallpaper on my phone and do NOT need the app to reinstall it, as long as I keep the photo. I will report this app to Google to have it BANNED out of the Play Store. To the developer in the Ukraine, I flip my middle finger to you and if I could have a face to face with you, would definitely be hazardous to your health !!!!! P.S. Do not be fooled and try to select the opt out button in the ad. If you do it will take you to requesting your phone's IMEI number. DO NOT BE SUCKERED IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yuvraj Singh review Yuvraj Singh
Best app so far
Earlier i used zedge, but zedge being banned i had to use various other apps . And its the best app which i've come across. PWH rocks. Its better than any other app.