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The funny prank app to pull off some great stunts

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Prank Sound: Hairclipper, fart description

This is a practical joke machine. Get your laughs in with an amazing collection of prank sounds for any joke imaginable!

💇‍♂️Hair Clipper Prank
We got fake hair clipper sound if you want to prank your friends . This haircut effect can perfectly simulate the sound and vibration of the real hair clipper. Turn your phone into a razor, scissors with hair clipper prank sounds and move above someone’s head.
Just imagine your friend's reaction when you start playing with the prank sounds of scissors behind his head. So fantastic! Laughter is the best

💨Fart noise prank
Let's make fart noises and prank sounds into funny games. Try the sneak attack fart timer or the fart bomb. Schedule a fart, hide your phone by someone's chair, and go far enough away to seem innocent when the melodious sounds attract the attention of everyone in the room. Stay classy & gassy, pranksters. This is a large fart noise soundboard that contains dozens of entertainment fart & clippers prank sounds.

📢Air Horn Prank
Use air horn prank sounds to make a joke with your friends, watch how they react and laugh together. You can wake up your friends or startle them with the air horn effect. Fake a siren to see their panicked reaction, or use the air horn prank to attract their attention to secretly give them a surprise later.
With prank sounds you will get plenty of ideas on how to play with people. We have an amazing collection of funny sounds: haircut prank sounds, air horn sounds, fart prank shaving, breaking glass, scary prank effect, etc. By touching or long pressing the icon to play the prank sound.

⭐Main features:
✔ Playing prank sounds
✔ Control sound volume directly from app
✔ Choose type of prank sounds from categories
✔ Timer to play the sound
✔ Create a continuous prank sound loop
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