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GO Tools for Pokémon GO
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GO Tools for Pokémon GO 2.0.5 apk, update on 2017-05-07
GO Tools is a crowdsourced, interactive map for Pokemon Go!

Need to catch some rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO? Use our tool to find them through user submitted sightings.

We are now displaying gyms, pokestops along with showing where potential pokemon are located! We have added a system to where you can filter only pokemon that are still around. Expired pokemon will be slightly transparent.

Bonus Feature:
- CP / Evolution Calculator: Find out your Pokémon's CP before evolving it to make sure it is worth the candies!
- IV Calculator: find out how perfect your Pokémon is

Official pokefind.co app.

DISCLAIMER: The data used in Poké Find is all user submitted. That means we are not using any unofficial API's to scan locations of Pokémon. We never interact with Niantic servers. We are not associated, affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Niantic or the Pokémon Company. We do not hold the rights to any copyrighted material.

GO Tools for Pokémon GO APK reviews

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PopsDole review PopsDole
Nice Evo calc
Fantastic app
samuel lie review samuel lie
Love this app totally useful
James Dockree-Rhodes review James Dockree-Rhodes
Great app!! But there's one thing...
Is there any way to view the map unfiltered? Because, living in a small town it would be great to see any sightings rather than just specific pokemon... I understand if it's not possible but I wanted to check. Great app otherwise. Thank you ?
sanper games review sanper games
They're working hard
The co creater is ssundie an he has to make a living off of what he does he has to make videos and go to work for his family
William Kert review William Kert
I checked in my area and it said there were like 200 Dragonite's just around my neighborhood, guys dont waste your time and try to find a real good app
ToXiC_SqUiD review ToXiC_SqUiD
On the map when i try to looks around it just put me back where i was
Moora Noor review Moora Noor
I use this app just for the iv calculator
I won't use this app for trying to find Pokemon because many people will just say they found a snorlax or dragonite etc but it wouldn't actually be there
InnfectionXBL Co-Leader of TeamXBL review InnfectionXBL Co-Leader of TeamXBL
No nearby
Phillies3849 Gaming review Phillies3849 Gaming
Awesome but map doesn't do anything
The iv calculator is Awesome and so is the CP calculator but everyone trolls when it comes to the map
Is this real because i cannot find any pokemon nearby our house
Rufus Td review Rufus Td
Samsung Galaxy s6 user
How do you report a pokémon you have spotted
Malik Roberson review Malik Roberson
Can't press the buttons cause the ads is covering it up.
Can you guys change the location of directional buttons? The ads covers it up and can't press it.
Gage Churko review Gage Churko
When they are gong they expire. Deos not show in tge last hour like it says. Also Deos not show am pokestops and gyms on map there are some all in one area. Deos not show any pokemon in last 15 min. All the sight are expired. Crashes some times. I have samsung. Not sher if it deis that on Apple? Please fix then it will be a good app.
Jesse Reynolds review Jesse Reynolds
App is good but
The map is kind of irrelevant right now just telling you the time and day the pokemon were reported, which would be good if everybody was reporting right after they caught a pokemon but ain't nobody got time for that. Instead should just say morning, aft, or evening then no complaints other then crashes!!! lol
MattTatt review MattTatt
Always crashes
Can't find anything around me. Only thing that works is the Google maps that's built in.