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Play Services Info 0.9 apk, update on 2018-01-04

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Jo Hymers review Jo Hymers
Thanks heaps and heaps. I was hesitant to download the google play services apk from here however after reading through about the version change issue (the change from -438 to the now -238) I just bit the bullet and downloaded it. It installed and now I can update all the google related apps. Honestly, I am grateful. (I purposefully wrote in detail here for others to see coz I scoured heaps of help forums and none seemed like they offered a safe solution).
Ken Liau review Ken Liau
I dont know how your apps could help me install the latest google play service when the play store said that my device is not compatible to the version. But i followed your instruction and finally my google play services is updated to latest version. Even i updated to latest version, the play store saying the same thing. But at least thing works.
Zubin Dutt review Zubin Dutt
Excellent super
Problem resolved. Just choose the Google play services software and it downloads it and make it work for u. Cool app
Michael Day review Michael Day
Just to keep track playservices....
Foe a while I kept getting"unfortunately, Google play services has stopped " and no link was available to upgrade m..all I could do was clients and uninstall updates, wipe cache and data. I could only hour it would redo the dismiss and update to fix. ... bit hit&miss. But with this there's always a link available when you run into that pesky play service crash
Tariq Alaufi review Tariq Alaufi
Amazing 👍👍
Brian Gregory review Brian Gregory
Helps me check Google Play Services are up to date.
Randy B review Randy B
Maybe fixed now
Shreya Kabadi review Shreya Kabadi
Loved it
Really nice
Rainy Days review Rainy Days
ممنون، وجودش تو گوشی از واجبات هست
Richard E Hanger Jr review Richard E Hanger Jr
Richard E Hanger Jr me SOE
Love it
Great app
JC Jam review JC Jam
It is with many thanks to this app I have fixed the "Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped" message which has been ongoing for three months! I was able to successfully download the new version of Google Play services for February 2017 which has overwritten by November 2016 version and resolved the issue. Hooray, thank you so much developers. You did more than two phone calls to Google and one phone call to HTC could ever do! The only advice was to reset my phone which I did twice and clear the cache and a few more things but no mention of manual upgrade to a newer version of Google Play services!
Gergo Viczian review Gergo Viczian
I hate staged rollout the way Google does it. You never know if you have the latest. This app is a life saver
Kenny Ying review Kenny Ying
For the love of god please fix this app. It keeps saying that google play services is crashing and it effects my other apps *Edit* uninstalled the version of google play services and reinstalled. Still nothing.