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Plastic Surgery Simulator
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Plastic Surgery Simulator 1.0.1 apk, update on 2016-12-09
A chemical power plant has exploded and tons of injured patients need your help! It’s up to YOU, a top Plastic Surgeon, to perform emergency surgery and save your patients! Use real medical tools to treat your patients and make sure their looks are restored!

Enjoy the thrill of being an ER plastic surgeon! Tons of injured patients are counting on you! Save multiple lives and replace damaged bones with new, plastic ones! Become an expert surgeon as you carefully treat each patient!

> Carry out 20 life-saving operations!
> Save lives using real tools used by plastic surgeons!
> Restore your patients’ damaged looks with your expert plastic surgery techniques!
> Practice real surgical steps!
> Discover how serious injuries are treated by real plastic surgeons!
> Learn all about the incredible human body as you fix it up!

The "All Levels Pack" allows you to enjoy the entire game! Complete each level individually to advance to the next one and achieve your final goal.

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Plastic Surgery Simulator APK reviews

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Muggy Mug review Muggy Mug
WORST game ever! You only get 5 Surgerys to Do and you can't do anything after that So you can't Even be That great off the game Sucks I give it 10/1! Thumbs down ??
Christina Tullis review Christina Tullis
Thought the same was fun at first but after a few levels you have to buy the full version to play more. Spend $4.99 to play other levels and they were they same EXACT cases as the free level. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! Don't waste money paying for nothing. Hate this game!
Ethan Pyle review Ethan Pyle
Really, TabTale? Not just regular plastic surgery, which, as a company whose target audience is CHILDREN ages 2-10, is bad enough. But, EMERGENCY plastic surgery?!?! In what possible situation could PLASTIC surgery be an emergency?!?! Are you trying to teach today's already oversensitive, easily manipulated youth, that plastic surgery is not only okay, but an EMERGENCY if they're ugly enough?!?! What the f***, TabTale?!?! I used to really like your company. I trusted it to provide safe and age appropriate apps for my child. But after seeing this app when searching for new ones, I think I'll delete ALL TabTale apps from my child's tablet. You should really be ashamed of yourself. You took it too far with this one. You've permanently lost a customer.
Kacey Bridgewater review Kacey Bridgewater
3rd level
The 3rd level for the nose once you have cit it open there is a little machine and it won't work so I can't get past that part and payments you have to pay to get half of the levels so that is not very good
CatsGo Meow Everything review CatsGo Meow Everything
Never download this game it sucks. When you get to level five there is a bunch of rubble and big boulders. You can't get past it unless you by the full version. I hate the game. At first it started to get interesting but now not. I hate it so much. I don't feel sorry for if you download it because you should read the comments first. I give it 0/0. Worst game ever. ???
Reynaldo Molato review Reynaldo Molato
It's ok
Why this game have a payment???? I can't open some levels because of the payment...
A Google user review A Google user
It is the worst game I have played. Ian quiet attracted by the poster but now I am definitely uninstalling it. I think we have to do surgery first but most of our time is wasted on making the way to the hospital !!and how could be any surgery needs emergency??? Tab tale how could u make such a worst game ever!!!!
Ammaze but
Why is the game have payment
Missy Katt review Missy Katt
You're not suppose to put an amputated finger on ice if you're going to reattach it ? you have to put it in a plastic bag and then you can put it into another bag with ice. Also you should put your patient to sleep before cutting off his face.
I always wanted to see what plastic surgery looks like?
MDinnerParty723 review MDinnerParty723
Don't invest your money in this game. There are not tons of levels. It goes up to level 10 and then repeats again. I wanted to give them a chance and while I don't regret it because I could tell people about this, it's a shame they're ripping off people in this way. The touchscreen "controls" are also terrible. The only redeeming factor of this game is the graphics.
Maropene Ramokgopa review Maropene Ramokgopa
this is weird
this us so weird so so weird
Disha Amin review Disha Amin
This game is not for three year olds... It's not even for 10 year olds. Kids shouldn't be learning this. It looks like my nightmares. Don't waste you space and time with this game. If I could I would rate it a -50.
Comfort Mamud review Comfort Mamud
A Google user review A Google user
Well...I mean...I kinda like it? But theres alot of ads and the game is really intense. But overall I think its pretty good. The only thing is theres alot of ads in my opinion. But I think the game could be alittle better? But I wouldn't reccomend this game to anyone