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Pixel Builder
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Pixel Builder 1.2 apk, update on 2018-09-13
You have 100+ artworks to breath life in them. Let your inner artist out!

Discover realistic graphics of 3D models, build masterpieces layer by layer panting by numbers and personalize your artwork at the end. Apply sophisticated filters and easily share your 3D drawings with the world!

Feel your creativity building great pixel artworks!

Pixel Builder’s key features:
– 100+ artworks to build
– Boosters to make your painting faster and easier
– Unique filters to personalize your masterpiece and share it via Instagram and other networks!
– Realistic 3D models
– Cool after-photo effects (light, shadows, etc.)

Pixel Builder APK reviews

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Александра Глазунова review Александра Глазунова
I think all games by Playgendary HEXY Games are purrfect! But the game works too slow. I don't like that.
Tamara Petersen review Tamara Petersen
I love it! It took me a long time to finish dat duck but i did! Yay! ????????????☺☺
Mazen Mohamed review Mazen Mohamed
Its good with beautiful idea but its laggy asf fix lag and it will be perfecto
valeria petrova review valeria petrova
It's good I like it but the way you rotate keeps annoying me.It's still good tho.
A Google user review A Google user
Its a good and fun game only there are alot of ads
EUGENE Christensen review EUGENE Christensen
It is the greatest art game ever.
the night wolf review the night wolf
The game is good
Samantha Thorne review Samantha Thorne
Great childrens game
Brandon Simpson review Brandon Simpson
it is a fun game but its not free. most of the pictures you need to pay and $20 per month is way to much for that. you arent a streaming video app get off your high horse. netflix, hulu, crunchyroll they charge half that or less. and you charge $100 dollars for a year and a year membership for playstation plus is $59.99...half what you charge. these prices are stupid fix it
Susannah Bredin-Kemp review Susannah Bredin-Kemp
The smaller models are okay, but the large ones get very laggy, very quickly. So much so that it slows my entire phone down and I have to force restart. Not impressed
Dylan Kliment review Dylan Kliment
This is one of the many games that is just ad after ad and tries to sell you a pro version for $7.99 PER WEEK... It's a horrible practice to try and think that a game like this is even worth an overall $32 per month
A Google user review A Google user
The best game......when u are blanksick(if u are smart u can understand the word blanksick, if u arent i can tell u homesick-blanksick. When u have a love feeling for blankpages?)
Alex Willardsen review Alex Willardsen
You guys really think you can steal the logo for Picross 3D from the Nintendo DS and get away with it? Shady af especially since your making people pay for it. Stop being shady.
A Google user review A Google user
It doesn't work because I can't even see the models it's literally blank
Alex Nichols review Alex Nichols
Most things locked behind 'pro' payments. Having fun but I will uninstall soon