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Pirate Kings 7.4.6 apk, update on 2019-12-05
Ahoy Mateys! Build your island, become a Pirate King and get filthy rich along the way! Start your pirate adventure with pockets full of free gold coins. Spin the wheel to set sail, uncover treasures, battle rival pirates and steal their loot! Drop your anchor in this online multiplayer game and show’em what you’re made of! Destroy other pirates’ islands, plunder riches, seek sweet revenge on your enemies, and expand your pirate empire in this thrilling building games exploit!

Spin the wheel and Set Sail!
The Pirate Kings Wheel is your key to greatness. Spin to win heaps of coins and use them to build your island. Erect structures, grow your fleet and create the paradise island of your dreams. Play online multiplayer games, that also make great kids games, and attack rival islands owned by your Facebook friends or random pirates. Shoot cannons to destroy the scallywags and escape with their fortunes. Protect your island from invasions and dig for gold in this free-to-play building game. Yo ho ho!

Recruit Pirates to Your Crew
Once you’ve established your pirate empire with additional islands, you can start recruiting more pirates to your crew. Station them on your paradise islands to plunder and protect your land and earn you more coins. It won’t be long before you run the world! Not bad for a swashbuckling freebooter! But you’ve got to prove your bravery in the online multiplayer games first, so destroy enemy pirates’ islands, shoot cannonballs and get your revenge. Heave Ho!

Best Pirate Game Quests, Chests & More
Shiver me timbers! This building game is packed with features that will unleash your competitive pirate spirit. Battle, take revenge and steal to rule the high seas!

✔ Get the Super Spinner and multiply your coin prizes
✔ Recruit pirates to work on your paradise islands and they’ll grow your fortune
✔ Open chests to reveal extra spins and special bonuses
✔ Go on action-packed pirates quests to win even more and brag to your Facebook friends

It’s a pirates game like no other!

Join the Pirates Battle
Jump aboard with Pirate Kings and join your Facebook friends in one of the best free-to-play pirate adventure games on mobile! It’s competitive, action-packed fun for adults and if you’re looking for kids games, you’ve found one! So put on your pirate adventure hat, grab your sword and build your pirate islands kingdom! Hit the download button to get our addicting games now, raise your sail and snatch your first coin treasure!

List Pirate Kings APK files with old version

+ Pirate Kings version 7.4.6 (Updated: 2019-12-05 00:00:00, size: 78,492,039)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.4.4 (Updated: 2019-12-02 00:00:00, size: 102,223,802)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.4.3 (Updated: 2019-11-15 02:11:11, size: 101,653,334)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.4.2 (Updated: 2019-11-05 06:19:05, size: 101,654,545)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.4.0 (Updated: 2019-10-25 03:08:49, size: 101,642,418)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.3.6 (Updated: 2019-09-28 19:24:04, size: 96,599,690)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.3.5 (Updated: 2019-09-19 04:11:06, size: 95,959,877)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.3.0 (Updated: 2019-08-15 22:57:18, size: 95,080,734)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.2.9 (Updated: 2019-08-07 12:02:21, size: 95,032,619)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.2.4 (Updated: 2019-07-08 14:03:37, size: 91,832,231)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.2.3 (Updated: 2019-06-29 20:19:04, size: 91,977,306)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.2.2 (Updated: 2019-06-21 01:31:23, size: 91,977,269)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.1.8 (Updated: 2019-05-26 22:49:38, size: 88,856,493)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.1.6 (Updated: 2019-05-12 22:12:30, size: 88,497,886)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.1.2 (Updated: 2019-04-19 17:16:30, size: 83,130,051)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.1.0 (Updated: 2019-04-07 04:27:48, size: 82,798,098)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.0.7 (Updated: 2019-03-21 16:05:54, size: 82,700,077)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.0.6 (Updated: 2019-03-13 16:40:47, size: 82,700,076)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.0.4 (Updated: 2019-03-11 05:15:48, size: 82,645,877)
+ Pirate Kings version 7.0.3 (Updated: 2019-03-04 23:00:43, size: 82,645,702)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.5.7 (Updated: 2019-02-26 11:56:19, size: 77,953,410)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.5.1 (Updated: 2018-12-20 23:33:16, size: 77,278,189)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.5.0 (Updated: 2018-12-16 17:28:01, size: 77,278,233)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.4.8 (Updated: 2018-12-04 23:11:56, size: 76,482,805)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.4.6 (Updated: 2018-11-17 12:08:17, size: 75,698,349)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.4.1 (Updated: 2018-10-26 05:24:19, size: 82,941,488)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.4.0 (Updated: 2018-10-22 00:45:18, size: 82,915,504)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.3.5 (Updated: 2018-10-04 16:29:04, size: 81,596,723)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.3.0 (Updated: 2018-09-13 12:41:28, size: 81,557,237)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.2.0 (Updated: 2018-07-18 04:04:23, size: 75,866,936)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.1.5 (Updated: 2018-07-10 16:38:31, size: 73,011,118)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.1.2 (Updated: 2018-07-08 09:07:54, size: 72,964,594)
+ Pirate Kings version 6.0.1 (Updated: 2018-06-12 18:06:04, size: 72,173,498)
+ Pirate Kings version 5.4.1 (Updated: 2018-05-28 09:02:25, size: 70,272,797)
+ Pirate Kings version 5.4.0 (Updated: 2018-05-23 17:11:40, size: 70,272,576)
+ Pirate Kings version 5.3.0 (Updated: 2018-05-10 18:25:34, size: 70,079,362)
+ Pirate Kings version 5.2.0 (Updated: 2018-04-26 16:51:08, size: 69,238,561)
+ Pirate Kings version 5.1.3 (Updated: 2018-04-13 17:15:49, size: 68,935,679)
+ Pirate Kings version 5.1.0 (Updated: 2018-03-27 18:05:37, size: 68,936,093)
+ Pirate Kings version 5.0.0 (Updated: 2018-03-25 18:20:47, size: 67,406,750)
+ Pirate Kings version 5.0.0 (Updated: 2018-03-22 06:36:17, size: 67,406,743)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.9.6 (Updated: 2018-02-23 07:11:28, size: 66,383,627)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.9.2 (Updated: 2018-02-13 19:26:35, size: 64,971,584)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.9.0 (Updated: 2018-02-07 20:22:09, size: 64,832,517)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.7.0 (Updated: 2018-02-04 15:43:43, size: 64,038,084)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.6.0 (Updated: 2018-01-04 07:23:11, size: 63,827,347)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.5.0 (Updated: 2017-12-17 05:44:06, size: 65,212,296)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.4.0 (Updated: 2017-11-30 04:25:00, size: 63,280,646)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.3.2 (Updated: 2017-10-15 19:30:12, size: 56,909,049)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.3.2 (Updated: 2017-09-28 08:34:43, size: 56,908,808)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.3.0 (Updated: 2017-06-26 11:09:36, size: 57,277,909)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.2.0 (Updated: 2017-06-06 13:38:11, size: 54,971,662)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.1.2 (Updated: 2017-05-10 23:20:14, size: 54,925,011)
+ Pirate Kings version 4.0.0 (Updated: 2017-04-16 09:20:35, size: 54,143,767)
+ Pirate Kings version 3.1.0 (Updated: 2017-03-13 15:27:45, size: 54,415,036)
+ Pirate Kings version 3.0.0 (Updated: 2017-02-21 10:20:33, size: 54,678,902)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.8.3 (Updated: 2017-02-01 10:04:54, size: 55,541,749)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.8.2 (Updated: 2017-01-27 11:27:29, size: 56,033,068)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.8.0 (Updated: 2017-01-15 14:04:39, size: 54,410,456)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.9 (Updated: 2016-12-19 23:35:08, size: 55,804,396)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.8 (Updated: 2016-12-08 11:18:22, size: 54,585,878)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.8 (Updated: 2016-12-04 11:14:55, size: 54,589,261)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.7 (Updated: 2016-11-02 10:27:30, size: 53,300,905)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.6 (Updated: 2016-10-20 22:31:50, size: 53,300,005)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.5 (Updated: 2016-08-30 14:33:25, size: 49,842,404)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.5 (Updated: 2016-08-26 03:16:02, size: 49,662,222)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.4 (Updated: 2016-08-15 18:16:08, size: 49,666,820)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.2 (Updated: 2016-08-11 18:13:50, size: 49,718,836)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.7.0 (Updated: 2016-07-23 05:43:07, size: 48,178,205)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.6.5 (Updated: 2016-05-29 05:19:51, size: 45,169,999)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.6.4 (Updated: 2016-05-10 11:04:04, size: 41,929,762)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.6.2 (Updated: 2016-04-14 02:16:13, size: 41,929,008)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.6.0 (Updated: 2016-04-11 11:15:27, size: 41,850,760)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.5.2 (Updated: 2016-03-09 04:15:13, size: 41,198,105)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.5.0 (Updated: 2016-03-01 11:48:28, size: 40,425,056)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.4.0 (Updated: 2016-01-12 10:37:54, size: 39,369,498)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.3.0 (Updated: 2016-01-12 10:37:39, size: 38,992,446)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.2.7 (Updated: 2016-01-12 10:37:33, size: 47,633,501)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.2.6 (Updated: 2016-01-12 10:37:28, size: 47,468,793)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.2.4 (Updated: 2016-01-12 10:37:13, size: 47,482,025)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.2.3 (Updated: 2016-01-12 10:37:07, size: 48,070,286)
+ Pirate Kings version 2.1.5 (Updated: 2016-01-12 10:37:02, size: 52,347,848)

Pirate Kings APK reviews

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Jay Carson review Jay Carson
Since the update this game has become painful. High value items now rarely come up on Spins unless you waste spins. Levels take twice as long to complete as the last. Not to mention the number of attacks seems to have increased. Unless you pay done bother to play!
Jonathan Todd review Jonathan Todd
Not a bad game till today saying Carnt connect to internet probaly delete of not fixed by tomorrow
Ljames Hentrich review Ljames Hentrich
There is no such thing as random and this game proves that you are competing against an algorithm design to separate you from your cash if you actually pay to play this game. There is no strategy or gameplay. The only thing you do is push a button and watch the results of a preprogrammed outcome. This is actually still illegal in some states if you have paid to play. Just another mindless distraction dressed up in eye candy to take your money.
Precious Barzey review Precious Barzey
This game is addictive. Its great but there are flaws. The wheel is definayely fixed because u either get a it will either always fall on the lower amounts or it will fall on all the higher amounts with steal. In other words either winning streak or losing streak which is not fair. Im contemplating deleting this game because of it. There is also a HUGE bug and it freezes for abt 2 days straight at a time. Stress.
Damian Duffy review Damian Duffy
I don't like the new SHARE feature
After every attack
Dave Daisher review Dave Daisher
Pirate keeps getting disappearing
Sarah Zabir review Sarah Zabir
Omg I can't by anything in this game
I don't like this game because when u r spinning then someone can get your gold and destroy your island! Like Omg i got no gold at all!!!!!! I don't like this at all
Brian James Simpson review Brian James Simpson
Unless you spend money on this game it's a waste of time!! Built up a nice island with Shields etc then it wanted me to attack other islands so they started attacking me and lost all my Shields and haven't had a SINGLE shield now for over 2 days!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME PLAYING THIS GAME?
Barbara McCooley review Barbara McCooley
Luck is just one small part of this game.
There's quite a bit of strategic planning in this game. Especially once you reach the mid to upper islands when everything is more expensive. Wish we could keep defenses we win on the wheel, even when not needed. Ever consider offering them for sale, like you do with cash, spins & coins? Very difficult to play without making use of the in app purchases. May your bounties be grand Matey's!
Catherine Denning review Catherine Denning
It doesn't work it is no point if your Internet connection is on and off. This means that it will freeze and the sound will carry on, I only installed this because it gave me gems in dragon city. So it is only worth getting if you have decent intent connection.
Dominique Fitch review Dominique Fitch
Customer services sucks big time
Green bottle in water doesn't always work. You may get a black screen that doesnt go away. Customer service is aware and did NOTHING A BOUT IT.
Dorene Munson review Dorene Munson
It's tough as you level higher but it needs to be so everyone has an equal chance to steal and destroy. I've played this game off and on for almost two years and I still can't stop coming back to it. It has been wonderful getting to watch the game change and grow over time. From personal experience, I can honestly tell you it doesn't matter if you purchase spins, boosts, etc if your trying for a new pirate. 90% of the time you will always get a common or double. Just focus on leveling your island and you won't be disappointed. Have fun and welcome! We love new people to walk the plank....I mean join our ranks. ?
E M review E M
Cool idea but the odds suck
On a wheel of 10 things and a bar of 50 spins max , you'd think that logically ..every 15-20 spins or so you would hit every one of the odds on the wheel ; however because it's pc controlled you can go through 50 spins and not hit steal, attack or defense at all. In fact it will keep landing on the lowest number and will even slowly roll to it while other times it will suddenly stop because you are at the lowest outcome.
Vinay Kumar review Vinay Kumar
You can't get big amount
You cannot get big amount, spins & stole, out of fifty spins you will get 40 spins less amount below 7500/- only observe it. Who play game & go big level that time your ending game, you have to purchase 4 item but you can't get big amount,only 5000/- rs come defenately 100℅ you observe it.
tammy barber review tammy barber
This game will open and freeze on the red button. I restart the game then it would freeze on the spin wheel. Then repeat in the exact order. I restarted the game over 20 times. Every other restart was on the red button every other after that was frozen on the wheel. It looks to be fun. But I would say a good concept bad delivery by developer. If you can not play a game from download then time to move on to something else. You shouldn't have to beg to play or constantly reload for it it to never load. Good try though.