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Pinnacle CPA Review App
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Pinnacle CPA Review App 1.1.7 apk, update on 2020-08-02
The Pinnacle CPA Review app is the first-ever complete CPA review app in the Philippines! The app is equivalent to having 20+ reference books! It allows you to review anywhere and anytime at your own convenience.

The Pinnacle CPA Review app contains following innovative features:
• All six (6) CPALE subjects plus Basic Accounting
• 12,000+ quality questions with detailed solutions
• Complete and updated topics for all CPALE subjects
• Automatic updates on new standards, tax laws, special laws, etc.
• Comprehensive discussion per topic where important items are highlighted
• Illustrative examples per topic
• Practice questions and Examinations
• More than 10 sets of Mock Exams per subject
• Instant CPALE-related updates – PRC announcements, syllabus, schedule, feedback from students from last CPALE, etc.
• Complete references (IFRS, IAS, PSA, Tax Laws, Special Laws, etc.)
• Ready-to-play Mr. Accounting videos
• Built-in calculator with computation history
• Regular uploads of lessons and questions
• Performance evaluation tool
o Overall general weighted average (GWA) as if you are taking the actual CPALE
o Average per subject and per topic which shows your strength and weaknesses

To activate your app, kindly purchase subscription code from Pinnacle CPA Review School at

Through the Pinnacle CPA Review App, you can have access to quality CPA review at your fingertips. Help us make your CPA dream a reality!

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