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Pink Taxi Egypt 0.21.1-LIGHTNING apk, update on 2018-08-16
The only ladies taxi in Egypt

Pink Taxi Egypt APK reviews

Laureen Bahgat review Laureen Bahgat
* Very poor app and needs extensive work!! 1) unable to specify location although GPS/location option is already enabled 2) unable to recognize wellknown places and landmarks 3) request got canceled last minute on its own without any prior notification to customer * Unprofessional customer service: When i called to ask the reason behind last minute cancellation of my request their end, i was told simply because no driver was assigned to take the order!! No apology.. no excuse.. simply nothing and that's it!!
Hader Magdy review Hader Magdy
ارجو اضافه باقات شهريه مخفضه وشكرا
Islam Elawasmy review Islam Elawasmy
There are a problem I can't save my favorite locations Please add it in application
Lobna Abdelwahab review Lobna Abdelwahab
Thanks for letting ladies feel safe
Amira Mohamed review Amira Mohamed
It's helpful
Ayat Ahmad review Ayat Ahmad
فيه شيء مهم ناقص وهو أن رقم السائقة مش بيتبعت لما تاخد الطلب وبالتالي وسيلة التواصل الوحيدة هي اني استناها هي اللي تكلمني. غير كدة عدد السائقات محدود وللأسف الشديد من تجربتي بعضهن عندهم لا مبالاة وعدم جدية ومرة واحدة اخدت الطلب وماجتش اصلا وكلمت الشركة نفسها عشان اجيب رقمها قالت لي انتي فين يا حبيبتي انا في الهرم مش هعرف اجي لك! قلت لها حضرتك اسمك عندي انك اخدتي الطلب قالت لي معلش اسفة. مع العلم كان حجز مسبق واتأكد.
Nauroz Saad review Nauroz Saad
الابلكيشن تحفه اسعاره رخيصه وبحس بامان وانا راكبه مع بنت
Rehap Gabr review Rehap Gabr
شركه وبنات محترمين جدا ربنا يوفقكوا
safaa zakaria review safaa zakaria
I need a promo code :D
Sarah Sakr review Sarah Sakr
The app itself is very user-friendly. However, the company needs to look for ways to significantly increase the number of drivers so the service would be dependable. The number of times my orders were cancelled outnumber the successful rides.
Abdurahman Stewart review Abdurahman Stewart
It's rubbish just kidding I haven't if tried it (boy humour)
A Sorour review A Sorour
Service is very good... Love it
Ellen Ripley review Ellen Ripley
App is good. One suggestion for future updates is to include an option for drop-off saying 'I guided the captin" or similar and that would make it easier when you can't locate where exactly you want the drop-off to be. 5 stars for the effort and services, and hoping for more captins in the future.
Yasmeen Shabana review Yasmeen Shabana
Order cancel with no reason..poor service
Israa Kamal review Israa Kamal
Doaa kaoud review Doaa kaoud
I tried it many times but it is completely bad every time i called a driver she make an excuse for not coming... Very bad application
Nosha Sh review Nosha Sh
Useless.. No cars all the time😞
A Google user review A Google user
Good service and always on time.
sara badr review sara badr
Good for girls
Stephanie Couillard review Stephanie Couillard
Can't get out of demo mode
Yomna Emad review Yomna Emad
All the time there's no service in madinaty
A Google user review A Google user
Unbelievable .. ride sharing .. an example of forward human progress
nana Ahmed review nana Ahmed
Bravo greaaaaat aide
Sara Elsayed review Sara Elsayed
Good app 👍
bassant shafiek review bassant shafiek
Excellent service soo helpful
Hossam Rady review Hossam Rady
I like the idea and the application is very easy to use
Nour Rady review Nour Rady
Very useful and easy to use
A Google user review A Google user
Had the app for a couple of months. Was never able to actually use it to take a ride because there never were drivers available. Nice thought, poorly executed.
Hend Gaber review Hend Gaber
The GPS is not working, it ain't giving me any suggestions for the destinations I enter at all
Michael Magdy review Michael Magdy
علي فكرة مش كل الرجالة متحرشين يا بنات. ريحوا نفسكوا واركبوا اوبر
Shrief Shahien review Shrief Shahien
لا يخدم زايد و أكتوبر ما فائدته إذن
Noor Fatima review Noor Fatima
It's my first time guyz
Inas Elsaadany review Inas Elsaadany
ليه مافيش فى اسكندريه
A Google user review A Google user
انو كويس جدا للبنات وامان تام ❤❤✋
Ahmed Farag review Ahmed Farag
I'll use it for my wife.
Ahmed Helmy review Ahmed Helmy
Very useful for my family
Fatma Mekawy review Fatma Mekawy
Not working
A Google user review A Google user
Is good service for women
sherien ahmed review sherien ahmed
Esraa Mohsen review Esraa Mohsen