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Pineapple Pen 1.5.7 apk, update on 2021-01-08
Sometimes all you need is to stick a pen into a fruit.

Tap to throw the pen and try to hit an pineapple or an apple. Hit the perfect center for two times in a row, and experience joy!

Challenge your friends to find out which one of you is the true master of the pen!

Pineapple Pen APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
Addictive I play this game everyday when I wake up. I find it flawless, I have had no problems with this game, not even adds! The only thing I dislike is the title ( it did not effect my rate), why is it only pineapple pen? What happens to apple pen and PPAP? Anyway I love the modes and pens ( the surfboard is my fav pen) one again they are flawless. I think that Ketchapp is pure genius.
Rave Boogie review Rave Boogie
Its good but nobody is changing the theme. Back to normal. Its still christmas. It seems like an abandoned game yet i think it was pretty popular among non ketchapp game players. If ur not going to keep up with the changing theme at least put it back to regular n take it off holiday.
A Google user review A Google user
BEST GAME EVER!!! (one of the best games ever) it doesn't have any adds which is great! Love all the different types of pineapples & apples. What's bad about this game? Nothing. Which is good especially for me because I'm not that patient. I would recommend that you should have this game.
João Caldas review João Caldas
How can I say this? I can not stop playing this!! Everytime I set a new and higher record I want to achieve and I only stop until I get there xD atm with 6400 coins and everything unlocked ?? please release new content for months and months!! It will make me so happy! Thank you for this game.
A Google user review A Google user
SO CUTE The grafics are so cute and kuwaii that I just can't stop playing! The pens have such cool designs. Some complex and some simple. There is only one small problem... The pop up ads keep making me mess up. And one more thing... The wait for the huge pineapple is WAY too long make it shorter!!!
Trisha Cuenco review Trisha Cuenco
The game was really nice up to the last update. You changed the rhythm for the pen pineapple apple pen part for invaders and it sucked big time. Please don't make sudden changes to game modes already released. If you return it back to how it was originally, I'd be happy to give this five stars.
Razail Peeler review Razail Peeler
I personally think the pens you unlock should each have different abilities. That would be interesting, fun. It'll add to the game? As right now.. kind of bland but pretty decent time killer.
Mairead Farrell review Mairead Farrell
It's pretty well done you're the only thing that's wrong is that I'm just not really that good of the game but that is nothing around again so I'm going to raite 4 stars out of five
Kand R review Kand R
Super cute, and fun. One thing though. Miami has quite a few bugs that need to be fixed. It acts really weird. There is only pineapples, yet sometimes they count as Apples. With pineapple pen Apple Pen, there is only a pineapple, and I don't tap, it shouts and gives me points for it. If you would like more info, let me know. Thanks!
A Google user review A Google user
I love this game its a great time killer. And it is super cute. But I have a question. Why is the pineapple in the picture for the game sad when its about to be poked with a pen, but in the game the pineapple (or apple) is sad when it doesn't get hit by the pen? Maybe if this would change, i would give it a full 5 stars. But i do, trully enjoy this game.
Mariyahaklm Akim review Mariyahaklm Akim
I like this game.... cause I'm a kid a kids like stupid stuff. But I gave it a 4 cause the pens r pretty boring. But I do have suggestion for a theme! I think u should make a dessert theme!!!!!!! And turn the apples and pineapples into desserts! That'd be given for kids!
Megan Touchstone review Megan Touchstone
Nice, stupid, silly game. Gets boring after awhile, but it's definitely silly and stupid (in a good way). Simple yet challenging. Are the developers even active on this game anymore? When's the next update? Everyday it gets more glitches. Time for an update. I guess you guys are busy on other games
A Google user review A Google user
This game is the best! The only thing is.... I can't get a very good score because on my device the moving apples & pineapples glitch and the pen sometimes shoots late cuz of the glitches. I would really appreciate it if u could stop it from glitches on my device
Natalia Pryyemskyy review Natalia Pryyemskyy
I love this game! Keep it up ketchapp my high score is 52! This is really fun and challenging. Definitely suggest u get it. Ps hurry up with the new update o only have a few pens left to get
Martin Anderson review Martin Anderson
That's just cruel! You guys actually think that's funny? Pineapples grow to keep us healthy and you are all going to cridizize it by sticking pens into them and killing them?! You are just cruel! On the other hand it is a good game just a bad influence to pineapples. Ketchapp is a very very good game maker place. But still, STAY AWAY FROM KILLING PINEAPPLES!!??

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