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Phone Optimizer is an optimization tool for Android phones.

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Phone Optimizer description

Do you need a phone cleaner?
Clean the junk, increase the memory, equip the CPU to dissipate heat, super clean your phone and improve its performance instantly!
Main feature highlights:
【Rubbish removal】Smart cleaning of applications, easy removal of useless applications or residual junk and cache files, freeing up your phone's memory.
【Battery management】Close power-hungry applications to extend battery life.
【Mobile Accelerator】One-click acceleration to make your phone run like a champ.
【Notification Bar Cleanup】Automatically identifies spam, SMS, etc. and blocks spam.
【Space clearing】Easily manage mobile apps and large files to keep your phone in tip-top shape at all times!
【CPU Cooler】Stop the application to reduce CPU temperature, keep CPU temperature to a minimum and improve performance.

Download Phone Optimizer now to improve the speed of your phone!
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