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Phone Manager & Booster description

Phone Manager & Booster is the best speed booster and junk files cleaner to make phone faster and restore memory space. We are here to help you get rid of phone slowing, hung and out of space in just ONE-TAP for each function!
Phone Manager & Booster can clean cache, junk files to reclaim storage; stop unnecessary apps in background to clean RAM and speed up your Android phone; and stop apps from auto-start to save battery power. Boost your phone faster like rocket!

Main Features:
Cache Cleaner
Memory Booster
Battery Saver
Notification Aggregation

Feature Highlights:
Cache Cleaner

Too many junk files? Phone Manager & Booster is here to help cleaning junk files including system caches, apps junks, useless files. With perfect accuracy, this cache cleaner can detect and clean these cache junks, ads files, obsolete trashes, memory caches and other junk files to reclaim storage.
Memory Booster
Phone Manager & Booster helps boosting your phone by stopping background processed/running apps. Also, Phone Manager & Booster can clean up and stop auto-start apps. Even better, the durable boost effect keeps your phone run in super faster speed. By cleaning unnecessary apps running in background, our Phone Manager & Booster frees up memory (RAM), and saves battery better.
Battery Saver
Phone Manager & Booster is also a useful battery saver. It can help you extend standby time by cleaning power consumption apps. One-tap saving to solve your battery problems, stop unnecessary processes, helping you monitor memory usage and intelligently detect highly memory-consuming apps.
Notification Aggregation
Phone Manager & Booster helps users to aggregate and clean notifications. Enable users to isolate from annoying notifications. Make your phone clean and stop users being disturbed by those junk and useless kind of notifications.

Phone Manager & Booster requires only just one tap to make your phone back to the best condition, faster and cleaner. Boost memory, clean the cache in just seconds! Notifies you as soon as your phone's performance begins to slow down. Clean it now! Stop worrying about your phone's status! Let it be your personal device manager and make your phone better with no lag or freeze!

Phone Manager & Booster is 100% FREE and GREEN. Try it free and get your Android phone or tab running like new!

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Contact us:
Email: phone_manager@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Phone-Manager-1382450308444821/
Phone Manager & Booster is 100% FREE and GREEN! Rate us now!
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