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Connect to your GCQuad via Wi-Fi or GC2/HMT via Bluetooth to analyze your shots.

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When connected to a GCQuad via Wi-Fi or a GC2/HMT via BlueTooth, our Performance Fitting App instantly delivers the unmatched accuracy of our state-of-the-art Launch Monitors to your Android Tablet in stunning clarity. Intuitive, fully-illustrated depictions of ball flight and club head data ensure easy analysis of each and every shot. When the session is done, your final data can be emailed anywhere or create an FSX Live account and view your shots from anywhere via the internet.

* Connects to a GCQuad Launch Monitor via Wi-Fi or a GC2/HMT Launch Monitor via Bluetooth
* Supports multiple device connections for the GCQuad (up to 2 devices)
* Displays detailed Launch, Trajectory and Club data
* Data can be recorded and saved for individual golfers
* Data can be organized in one or more sessions
* Data can be emailed anywhere (as a .csv file attachment)
* Data can be viewed from anywhere via the internet when you sign up and create an FSX Live account (optional)

Note: Intended for Android Tablets.
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