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Pass2Pay the only application you'll need to have your tickets and cards ordered

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Pass2Pay is the only application you'll need to have your passes, tickets and cards sorted and accessible on your Android phone and easily imported into Google Pay™ or Huawei Wallet.
With Pass2Pay, you will be able to import passes of all kinds, like they pkpass format (Apple Passbook), from a PDF file or directly from a photograph. Once read, they are sent to your preferred service, either Google Pay or Huawei Wallet, so that you can consult and use them from all your devices.
In addition, you can also create them manually.

Among the card types you can add are all those supported by pkpass, Google Pay and Huawei Wallet. Transport tickets, tickets, gift cards, loyalty cards and offers.


- As a user, you are solely responsible for the passes you import. They must always be legal and according to the terms of service of their creators.
- We have no relationship with Google Pay or Huawei Wallet beyond the use of its free tools for the creation of passes.
- We have no relationship with Apple or its Passbook application, beyond the reading of data from the passes format pkpass.
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