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Paladins: Text Adventure RPG
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Paladins: Text Adventure RPG 3.0 apk, update on 2019-11-05
A text adventure RPG where YOU play the characters in a medieval fantasy novel! The story is set in the rich world of Dezrel created by author David Dalglish. You play several different characters including a Paladin of Ashhur, a wolf-man pack leader, a scrappy farmer, and more!

Put yourself into the shoes of the characters and watch the story unfold, but be careful what choices you make. Death is always near.

64 chapters of adventure, over 100 achievements, and TONS of interesting choices. And it's all free. Sweet, sweet, freedom.

This interactive novel is based on David Dalglish's Paladins Series of fantasy novels. Mr. Dalglish has partnered with Delight Games to "gamify" his novel. As far as we know, this is the first time a traditional novel has been gamified like this. Download it and be among the first to experience a novel in this novel way. ;)

Reading made addictive!

Paladins: Text Adventure RPG APK reviews

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Carl Nicholas Ng review Carl Nicholas Ng
Addictive, well-written and immersive storytelling. You truly feel like you're in your own fantasy novel. Staying awake at night playing this game reminds me of how I fell in love with this genre growing up. Can't wait for the next book to come out in the game. Dalglish has created a great fantasy world and characters.
Prometheus720 review Prometheus720
I loved the writing. That drew me in more than the game aspect, but the game is fun too. I only wish that our choices had more consequences to the story than a few stats. I don't even really think of it as a game. It's more like a way to really get to know the characters better and feel their perspectives. I would LOVE to see books like these in schools. I knew a lot of kids who hated reading--I think that adding a different sort of challenge, one that is based on a different skill, might help to compensate. I want more of this kind of literature out in the world. This is good stuff. I should have downloaded this weeks ago.
Mr Alumina review Mr Alumina
I realy hoped for an online save. This really good. And online sync through Google Play is what we all need. And one minor thing, the achievement. Make it google play achievenment. You done a great job. If there is an online save function I would spend money on this. Even give that camera permission(lol). Trust me for a paladin keep his words
Michael G. review Michael G.
Tons of fun, and a great story! I wasn't sure how well a standard novel could be converted into a choice game like this one was, but I was really impressed! The choices.were smart, and added to the original content. Plus, they kept me engaged throughout, without compromising important scenes.
aarone advento review aarone advento
The story is at its best. You're gonna get hooked once you make your first choice. But it seems you are not making your own story, rather choosing the right one that fits well the true story, as to get the highest score. To the author and maker, it was a great experience travelling into another world while reading this artpiece. Truly the best! But I recommend that the choices be diversed and as you choose your decisions, the story shifts as well, rather than turns the other way then goes back to the original plot. I hope every choices branches another path and ends differently. But don't be offended, I'm just suggesting. You know I'll always be a fan of DG. :)
Trevor Wood review Trevor Wood
Amazing game. Loved everything about it, especially the characters confliction whenever a tough moment arises. Absolutely amazing story. Sometimes i wish that i wouldnt have to choose actions just so that i wouldnt have to wait to see what happened next. 5/5
Will Rogers review Will Rogers
I was hooked immediately. I couldn't put my phone down for hours and I gladly paid for the second half. Even though there is a free means to get it! Can't wait for part 3!
Shane Springer review Shane Springer
Great story so far, eating it up. Typos developer, typos. That's my only criticism. Enjoy how the choices seem obvious at first, only to be the dagger in your back. Keep it up!
Kyle Sedge review Kyle Sedge
Delight games is a shining beacon of hope In an otherwise bleak dark world. Thank you. Please never stop. You're the best
Scott Mahon review Scott Mahon
I was sceptical at first as to how this would play out, but the story is riveting. In the past day I've played through almost the entirety of the first chapter and can't wait to finish it.
Christopher Jensen review Christopher Jensen
Love this i feel like I'm playing d&d by myself and you might try adding a playback option to attract a wider audience. Of people who dont like to read
Liam King review Liam King
This game is great! Well thought out, interesting, and doesn't get boring if you like the genre. 10/5
muhammed umar review muhammed umar
I have 90% yet the game will not unlock book two for me I don't understand what's wrong.
Paladins (this game) is a modern-day masterpiece! This labor of love is nothing short of a love story to humanity. Thank you for the lovely language.
Victor Denisov review Victor Denisov
Excellent adventure!
Despite some minor flaws (like inconsistent text in a couple of places and uninspired end-of-chapter tiers) it's still an excellent text adventure game/book. Can't wait for more from Delight Games team!