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About this product

Sale and CRM for your social commerce store

Page365 description

Page365 is an online store management system for stores on Facebook, IG, and your own online store. Organized and easy. Whether it is chat response, create order, monitor order statuses, or notify your customers that you have shipped the product.

- See chats, comments from FB IG and respond to them in 1 place.
- Manage orders, create invoices, professionally
- Keep track of stocks with the inventory management system
- Create your own online store in few clicks, no coding
- Auto-reply to FAQ and shortcut keys
- Auto-update order status
- Notify tracking no. and barcode reader to read tracking no.
- Auto-save address and phone no. from chat messages
- Group customer with ‘Tags’
- Sales report to identify your best selling items
- Get notifications if an order has been made
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