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The free and complete app to manage your finances.

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Improve your financial life with Oval, the complete app that helps you acquire those good habits that help you get the most out of your money.

More than 500,000 people have chosen to save and invest easily and automatically, achieve their goals, pay with a smart account and debit card* and much more. That's how much you can do with one, secure app with no hidden costs:

Make your goals come true
- Save with your daily habits: set aside a fixed amount, round up your expenses, save when you post on Facebook, if you reach a target with Google Fit and more
- Create custom savings Goals and achieve them with your own Rules

Invest in an innovative way
- Discover exclusive financial products with different risk levels
- Create an investment portfolio in a few clicks starting from 10€/£
- Manage your investments in a detailed interface
- Increase the amount on a recurring basis
- Based in Italy? Forget about taxes, Oval is a tax withholding agent

Pay with a full account
- Send instant payments to your friends in Oval
- Make free bank transfers, free withdrawals, and deposit cash
- Spend, save and invest in a tap with the card*, even with Google Pay*
- Receive instant notifications with each transaction

Oval is safe and transparent
- We protect your data with high security protocols, biometric identification and 3D Secure
- Lost your card? You can freeze it or block it in app
- The app is free of charge, we will always inform you of any costs

You can count on us
Contact us through the in-app chat, on social media or at [email protected]

About Oval
"Oval is at the heart of the open banking revolution"
Forbes Italy

"It's definitely one of the most used apps"
Vanity Fair

*Only available for Italian users.
Oval does not offer financial advice, your capital is at risk.
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