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OptUP simplifies healthier shopping through easy-to-use nutrition ratings.

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Eating healthier and tracking what you buy can often feel tricky. With OptUP, you can take advantage of thousands of products rated on overall nutrition to make it easier to choose the foods that are right for you.

Driven by knowledge from our team of expert Registered Dietitians, OptUP’s Nutrition Ratings are calculated by leveraging data science, nutrition information, and machine learning. We used technology to help you understand how a Registered Dietitian thinks dynamically about choosing Better for You foods.

Our recommendations are based on what you already buy at our family of stores - so you can see how you’re doing now and how you could trade up to Better for You options.

With OptUP you can:
• See the nutrition scores of the products you buy, automatically.
• Track your change using the household nutrition dashboard.
• View product recommendations to help you find Better For You options based on what you are buying today.
• Add items to your cart to simplify purchasing and save time.
• Text or scan search items to find Better For You options and nutrition facts.
• Connect with a registered dietitian in select markets to receive additional personalized counseling.

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