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Optimize Master-clean&security
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Optimize Master-clean&security 1.2.45 apk, update on 2018-01-10
Powerful Android phone system management software, help users to detect and clean common system junk deeply. Record phone real-time network info, block apps that hold too much bandwidth automatically. Cloud virus database for detect virus in phone, check WIFI security, make phone away from danger.

1. Deep Clean Junk
With powerful analysis algorithm, it's supported to clean up garbage files and useless cache overall, remove the remaining files or folders of uninstalled software and release memory space.

2. Real-time Network Protect
Monitor network usage status, detect and automatically stop bandwidth-consuming applications.

3. Shortcut Boost
Boost phone with "Boost" shortcut in desktop, speed phone by one tap

4. Full Security Protect
Provide network security checking, virus program killing, and counterfeit application detecting features. Detect potential device threats relying on the professional virus prevention technology which combined with the latest cloud-virus databases, ensure the safety of device.

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List Optimize Master-clean&security APK files with old version

+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.45 (Updated: 2018-01-10 20:39:30, size: 4,813,071)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.44 (Updated: 2017-12-18 13:42:28, size: 4,811,341)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.43 (Updated: 2017-12-16 15:03:41, size: 4,811,325)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.42 (Updated: 2017-10-23 19:15:13, size: 3,451,644)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.41 (Updated: 2017-09-29 01:19:18, size: 2,618,419)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.39 (Updated: 2017-08-16 14:00:24, size: 2,372,690)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.38 (Updated: 2017-07-21 23:28:26, size: 2,359,738)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.36 (Updated: 2017-04-25 02:44:11, size: 3,395,263)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.35 (Updated: 2017-04-20 08:12:10, size: 3,391,203)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.34 (Updated: 2017-04-16 07:55:51, size: 2,115,004)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.33 (Updated: 2017-03-14 04:33:17, size: 2,176,341)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.32 (Updated: 2017-03-12 10:50:40, size: 2,206,339)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.29 (Updated: 2017-02-17 02:27:25, size: 2,472,481)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.26 (Updated: 2017-01-22 20:24:19, size: 2,466,436)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.12 (Updated: 2016-10-19 09:38:57, size: 2,142,209)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2.9 (Updated: 2016-09-15 10:19:34, size: 2,092,682)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.2 (Updated: 2016-08-11 07:50:31, size: 1,943,742)
+ Optimize Master-clean&security version 1.1 (Updated: 2016-08-06 01:31:07, size: 1,896,744)

Optimize Master-clean&security APK reviews

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Lana Eck review Lana Eck
Way to many ads can't do anything cause so many ads
Chad Estes review Chad Estes
Does the job, but so does AVG and it has way fewer ads.
Tanya cotter
Likes this one app
Nancyl Jones review Nancyl Jones
Total clean and protect
Clean and protect phone
Leola Cooper review Leola Cooper
Optimize my phone
Cleaning up my phone
Lianna Sowa review Lianna Sowa
love it
Optamize Cleaner
Did my phone wonders. Glad i have it.
Bryan Coburn review Bryan Coburn
Another battery saver app. Hope it works
Bart Hinton review Bart Hinton
Bart Hinton
Bart Hinton
Carol Bentley review Carol Bentley
The ads drive me crazy & monopolised other screens - dangerous when happened to gps maps on the freeway. So about to uninstall it.
montrell parker review montrell parker
For an older version
I don't like the ads interrupting me. Please do something about this
I am so wantin this
Junk app
The best thing ever
Beata Barcz review Beata Barcz
It's good but I don't like the ads. Please do something about it or I may have to find another app.

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