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Use Ooma Smart Security to keep your home safe from intruders and water damage.

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The Ooma Smart Security mobile app, with the Ooma Telo communications hub and sensors, lets you secure and monitor your home from anywhere.

* Receive alerts when activity is detected with the option to remotely call 911 from your home phone number using your home address as the location of the emergency.

* Manage notification preferences and view real-time status and logs of all sensors.

* Add as many sensors as you need: Door/Window, Motion, and Water.

* Easy wireless installation of sensors anywhere in your home.

* Use the Home, Away, and Night modes to control when you would like to receive alerts about your sensor. Add up to seven additional modes for a total of ten.

* Use the mobile app to manually switch modes or automatically switch modes using a schedule with time of day and day of week.

* Learn more at ooma.com.
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