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About this product

Simple time clock so employees can clock in/out for accurate time card tracking.

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428 ratings

OnTheClock - Employee Time Clock description

Our cloud-based employee time clock system is a convenient way to track employees’ time and have time cards automatically generated at the end of your workweek so they are ready for payroll.

• Trusted by more than 10,000 companies
• No software installation
• Supports Android and iOS
• Every sign up automatically receives a 30-day free trial with OnTheClock.com
• Free time clock services for 2 or fewer employees

We designed a seamless time clock app to help small businesses with their employee time tracking needs while producing accurate time cards and reducing payroll expenses. Know who is always clocked in/out and from where they punched in/out with live time updates. Our app holds employees accountable for their hours worked and gives the business owner a peace of mind. Sign up and start saving your business time and money.

Time Clock Features:

• PTO tracking
• Employee shift scheduling
• Easy time card editing
• Overtime calculation
• Geo-Fencing & GPS to know where employees are punching in/out
• IP and device restrictions to prevent buddy punching
• Biometric/Fingerprint option for clocking in/out
• Payroll integration
• Automation, paid breaks and reminders
• Automatic break deduction options
• Tips, bonuses and commissions
• Job and Project costing
• Track holiday and vacation time along with sick and personal days
• Group punch option to allow quick punching for employees using a single computer
• Assign job departments for specific employees
• Export data via Excel or PDF
• Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and semi-monthly pay periods

General time tracking settings and options for employees to clock in and clock out: ⚙️

Employees are able to clock in and out by the use of a smartphone, tablet, desktop and/or laptop. Administrators on the account have the authority to set and limit how they would like their employees to punch in/out and even add assigned GPS locations or IP addresses. Specific restrictions can be set whether the employee is working from the office or remotely.

Customer Support: 🌝

Our Customer Service Team is top-notch and always happy to assist you with your employee time clock needs. You can also schedule a live demo with a Customer Support Representative that will walk you through every step of setting up your account so it fits your company's personal needs.

Phone: 888-753-5999
Email: [email protected]

Security: 🔒

• 256 Bit SSL encryption
• All sensitive information encrypted at database level
• Biometric lock on web and database servers
• Data is automatically backed up nightly

Reliability: 👍

• We have demonstrated 99.999% uptime - less than 5 minutes of downtime per year
• Our service is constantly monitored for issues or failures by a third party monitoring
service - siteuptime.com
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