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Oldify - Old Aging Booth App
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Oldify - Old Aging Booth App 2.1.8 apk, update on 2017-06-06
How will you look when you’re 80 years old? Find out with the Oldify app, the best old aging booth face changer! Upload or take a picture in our photo booth, age yourself and get your results! Swap your face for the older version of you and share it with your friends!

Have you ever wanted to see an older version of yourself? Maybe one 10, 20, or even 50 years into the future? With Oldify, you can swap your current self for an old one, on camera at least. This photo booth app lets you change your appearance from young to aging, or nearly aging to really aged.

Aging Booth Face Changer!

Aging isn’t scary when know what to expect. With Oldify, get answers to “How will I look when I’m old?” and have some fun at the same time.

Let Your Camera Show You the Future

MTV says, “Take a look into the future.” Oldify lets you do just that when you use your phone’s camera to take a photo of yourself, or even your friends! Want to see what you’ll look like when you’re 100? Live that long and you could be a bit wrinkled with grey hair, and maybe a tad shrunken. Change your appearance to whatever old age you want, and have some fun while you cough, yawn, or otherwise play the part of an aging man or woman.

Hilarious Animations in the Photo Booth

Oldify lets you make funny faces or body gestures as an old person, and it offers hilarious animations that you can show to your friends. With Oldify, you can even record your own voice and make custom old-timer videos with yourself talking - teaching you lessons from the future or offering wise advice.

Age Yourself

When you download Oldify, you have many free tools at your disposal for changing your face. Prepare yourself for aging by facing your old age while you’re still young. Huffington Post says that Oldify is, “the perfect way to confront your own mortality during the springtime of your life!”


Oldify is one of the best photo booth games in the Android store, offering the following fun features:

● Make your face old with your android device camera
● A fun photo booth app to age yourself
● Snap a funny pic of your old self making old-timer gestures
● Take a picture of yourself when you’re 10, 20, or even 100 years older
● Share your face changer photos online with friends
● Answer the question, “How will my face look when I’m old?”
● Change your age and record video

Select Your Age
Find out what your face will look like when you’re 20, 40, 60, 80, or 99 years older!

Tap to Animate
Have fun with Oldify, animating your old self with sighs, blinks, sneezes, and other funny gestures.

Record Your Voice
Create fun personalized video selfies from yourself in the future, to yourself now.

Mix Effects
Oldify lets you combine effects from our other apps (including Fatify, Stacheify, Baldify, Sketchify, Beardify, Browify, and Comicfy).

Make New Old Friends

Share your silly pictures and video with online friends, or your own friends and family, through the app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, MMS, and Email.

Old age hasn’t looked this good, ever. Get Oldify today!

Oldify - Old Aging Booth App APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
This app is a good time to time and money when organising your trip, and a half years ago
Ayden Thanh review Ayden Thanh
The +20 yrs doesn't work well
All good videos review All good videos
Why don't you make an app of hundred mb that have baldify oldify fatify beardify and etc
Donovan Christopher Luna review Donovan Christopher Luna
It gave exactly what I wanted but I look ugly as an old folk
Chris-Andre Fotland review Chris-Andre Fotland
Unable to open the app. However this may be a problem with my phone, galaxy s5.
Vescada Brian review Vescada Brian
I hate it because I can't see my face
Nefarious Zombie review Nefarious Zombie
This actually works but it's not really realistic, it's more for fun. The videos are hilarious.
John Butler review John Butler
Was hilarious to watch myself yawning, coughing and sneezing
Manu Duriez review Manu Duriez
Excellent aging app! Easy to setup, aging anybody very well with plenty of choices and styles. If you want to have fun 'chocking' the people​ you know with how they will look like older, this is the app for the receipe!
Doesn't let you choose from gallery on note 8. Yes I allowed the permission.
Angelique Van Rooyen review Angelique Van Rooyen
Mike Kelly review Mike Kelly
PIECE OF CRAP. Didn't work. Can add picture but "movable" locators for eyes, ears and mouth wouldn't all move where I wanted. No directions. No button (or even hint) to produce output. Uninstalled and hope it​ hasn't left any nasty code on my device.
Sea Fern review Sea Fern
This makes your face move as if in real life, just from a photo. It doesn't age you much, so what I did I'd already tested a few different aging apps, which were very bad, but saved some aged photos to my gallery, then chose those already aged photos to use in this app, and it was great! I just wish you could add glasses, etc, but you can do that by using other apps and saving the results to your gallery. I really loved the way this app made you seem alive!! It's a bit basic in the aging technique, but I loved it!
Perfect Imperfection review Perfect Imperfection
IT SUCKS!!!! I tried multiple times and got nothing but a black screen
Just Me oke review Just Me oke
Why i can't export the images and videos? 30 minutes had passed but there is still pop up it says 'please wait'. How can i fix this problem? I got crazy because the files can't be export. Thank you