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About this product

Explore the desert, find gems and ruins to become the great explorer!

Oasis Magic Gem description

🌴 Find the hidden gems throughout the oasis desert

While exploring the hot desert, find oases, gems, and ruins to solve various missions and become the best explorer!!!

It's new every time you play!
A variety of things can happen just by matching jewels!

✋ Simple one-handed operation
⌛ An easy-to-play game with no time limit
🌵 Soothing desert background that changes from day to night
💍 More than 10 different missions such as collecting gems, finding ruins, and removing boxes
🔧 1000+ of stages and dozens of fun game devices

💎 Match 3 jewels of the same color
💣 Match 4 or 5 jewels to unlock new powerful jewels
💡 Solve various missions by matching jewels
👟 Clear the stage by completing the mission within the movement limit!

🌟 Complete the stage by challenging 3 stars
🔨 Use items to clear the stages easily and having more fun
💯 100% all over 1000 stages!!! Clear it!

The Oasis Magic Gem is completely free to play, download it now!

- User data will reset when the mobile phone device is replaced or the application is deleted.
- There are partially paid items and advertisements.
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