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Not Golf
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Not Golf 1.50 apk, update on 2017-02-23
★ "This is what mobile gaming is meant to be."
★ "Why aren't there more games like this?"
★ "Biggest gem in the Play Store."
★ "Turned me into a mobile gamer again!"

• 15 unique courses with more coming soon

• built-in competitive speedrun mode

• unlockable customizable themes

• google play achievements

• global leaderboards

• lag-free 60fps gameplay

• battery friendly performance

• no special permissions required

• no internet connection needed... play offline

• completely optional video ads... play for free ♥

Not Golf APK reviews

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James Morton review James Morton
Excellent game!
This game is great. It's addictive and easy to pick up. Interesting mechanics to be able to hit the ball from mid air. I bought the full version after only the first play through. For your first release you smashed it out of the park! Keep it up!
Jacob Tarnowski review Jacob Tarnowski
Amazing, responsive, slick
Not Golf has quickly become my favorite mobile game I have on my phone. The game is easy to learn but hard to master, and really fun all the way through. It doesn't need to take a long time unless you wanna grind away at it, has a great progression system, and seems like it will continue to offer a new experience for a while. On top of the gameplay, everything works very well, it works perfectly with multitasking, and the only ads are for bonuses (extra retries). This is an all around solid mobile game!
Andrew Reece review Andrew Reece
Simple, addicting, fun... With one small flaw. The game is a great time waster. Love the simplicity of the game, while also enjoying the unique challenges of the different levels. The only thing holding it back from a 5* review is the insane difficulty in unlocking the speed run mode. I have a cumulative score of -70, and have not yet come close to unlocking speed run. I think the speed run mode should be based on cumulative score, or ease up on the 2 perfect courses requirement. Even the first course is challenging to get a perfect score. The other courses... I'm not even close! Thanks again, great game!
Eric Diaz review Eric Diaz
Good job! Game is so much fun
Minor glitch in the system though. If you have some 'undo' points left and playing the first level, you can press the undo button without using points to restart the level. However, if you're out of points, you have to restart the level with the menu. It's not game breaking, but separates production level code from a personal project. Can't wait for more!
Amine Mansour review Amine Mansour
You're missing out
I highly recommend installing "Not Golf". It's a golf game with a little twist which makes it better than other normal golf games. I'm happy that I'm one of the 1st players of this game. Tons of fun. Thanks Ronan!
An excellent new game
At first I was rubbish but I loved the graphics and wanted to improve. Now I'm addicted to it and my Not Golf game is way better! Happy gaming all.
Ivan Lemuel de Grano review Ivan Lemuel de Grano
Challenging 'golf' game
I have always liked golf games, and this game puts a nice spin on the genre. Like a more action-oriented Stickman Golf but much harder IMHO, which is just the way I like it. Play this if you want a challenging pick up and play game for the commute or in the loo.
Ryan Olliver review Ryan Olliver
I will keep it brief, in summary a great a-golf game, there I created a new game category. Action Golf! To start this feels like another mini-golf style game but with a nice bright clean interface. It has the standard golf rules, get the ball to the 'hole' as quick as possible. Control is by swiping against the direction you want the ball to go, the longer the swipe, the harder you hit. The difference with this one is the hole, is the top of a small pole and you don't have to wait for the ball to stop moving before taking the next shot. This quickly leads to some frantic swiping trying to save the ball from the edge or bottom of the screen and can cause some quite comical panics. Great concept well implemented, smooth as butter and sweet as candy.
Jennifer Pytka review Jennifer Pytka
Super addictive!
Will have you saying to yourself "ok one more go and I'll turn it off" over and over...
Slytha review Slytha
Genuinely fun
Great original take on golf.
Cory Taylor review Cory Taylor
Great Fun!
I really enjoy the simplicity of this game. Very fun and challenging.
Yannis Constantinides review Yannis Constantinides
Awesome & Simple
Good number of levels and replay
JoshUa Sahagun review JoshUa Sahagun
Decent time waster
The premise is good, controls are straight forward but can use improvements. Its a bit difficult to tell how im going to hit the ball. Maybe move the strenght meter's center to the ball? It also feels kind of like im shooting the ball out of a slingshot. Maybe add an option to reverse the shot direction?
Tom Smith review Tom Smith
Excellent Game!
I'm a big fan of simple games that easily take up my time. I love improving my scores which makes me come back constantly for more. I hope to see new challenging levels soon! Sneaky spot for the new minigame. Took me about 10 minutes to find. Sneaky Sneaky Ronan!
Admiral Crunch review Admiral Crunch
Old review: A solid, fun game, but there's a little too much trial and error in the gameplay, possibly to steer you toward the ads and paid content. The game itself is still playable without paying, but it's a bit tougher. Practice mode was added but made a paid feature on top of the game you already paid for. This game has TWO layers of milking you for cash. It feels greedy.