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Ninja anime battle 2.1 apk, update on 2016-08-24
Do you like super ninja manga? Do you like to fighting with enemies from sound ninja, sand ninja, akatsuki group to protect konoha and become a new hokage?
Let play the best fighting ninja game of this manga series: Battle of Ninja.

- Easy to play, very addictive.
- A lot of characters based on greatest ninjas from the konoha like uzumaki, uchiha sasuke, rock lee, neji, kakashi, itachi…
- Fantasic Justsu of shinobi ninja: rasengan, sharingan,Rinnengan, chidori…
- 100+ difference enemy waves.
- Transform to Jinchuuriki with ulimate power of Tailed Beast and beat all enemies.
- 2d graphic with nice effect.
- Unlock hiden characters with higer power.

How to Play:
- Tap left / right to attack. You only can attack enemies in a range.
- Try to use kunai and ultimate Justsu to kill all enemies and collect coins.

Very easy and very addictive. Let play and share best score with everyone. Who will be the number one?

If you like this, please comment and review to show your opinions so that we can make better games.

Ninja anime battle APK reviews

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Olusanya foluso review Olusanya foluso
Cool... Buh difficult
Minato won the first 4 me.. Buh it's too difficult not challenging.. There's a difference.. Reduce r bring a difficulty level option.. Has the most characters Av seen in an anime too. Thumbs up fr dar.. Even tho obito is missing n pain/nagato is under powered by farrr
Loved it its awesome and my favorite character is Sasuke it has good graphics download it right now
Princess Edwards review Princess Edwards
D rose
A good game but can become great with more characters and updates to them
Divac Todd review Divac Todd
a it will be good if you made a HD past naruto battle game for the mobile
Ramon Bayedbed review Ramon Bayedbed
You surprised me. You game is super awesome and I super like it. Keep going guys!!!!!!!
Jossua Degamon review Jossua Degamon
Good game
The game is really good but you can make better by adding more characters, I hope you keep on updating the game
Chaz Jordan review Chaz Jordan
This game is awesome make adult sasuke
Steven Tate review Steven Tate
It is to hard on battle 3 I'd also like new characters and a way to block attacks also if you could put a difficulty setting and make it to where you can Use you Jutsu more on battle mode plus where you can use other ninjutsu and genjutstu for all characters and have naruto and saskue be able to use sosp power and minito to use ftg more often I will rate 5 star if you can do most of this also if you can make it to where sakura and tsunda have there 100 healing jutsu to heal them self's and make them more
Gamer Roblox review Gamer Roblox
Characters and difficulty
If you could add a difficulty setting, and add Obito, six paths Naruto and Sasuke, Six paths Madara, Asura and Indra that would be awesome
Anok Robinson review Anok Robinson
Add obito plz I love this game
Kody Fulton review Kody Fulton
Would give 5 stars but...
It's too hard. The very first mission puts you against 2 AIs and I've tried with every ninja but can't get past. Still great game and still a fan
Onkar Date review Onkar Date
Decrease difficulty of 1st mission...madara gets them down to like 1hp before getting wrecked's too hard
Diego Osorio review Diego Osorio
The game is very satisfying to play but the first battle is to hard two against one isn't far
Joshua Aung review Joshua Aung
Well this is hard and get board quick and it need more jutsu
Sibongiseni Potina review Sibongiseni Potina
Game doesn't play on Samsung lite