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Nike 1.9.0 apk, update on 2017-11-15
Your Own Personal Nike Shop
• Shopping – The best Nike products selected just for you, with free shipping on every order.
• Member Profile – Easily track your activity, orders and purchase history, and enjoy receipt-free returns.

Expert Advice from the World’s Greatest Athletes, Personal Trainers, and Coaches
• News Feed – A customized feed with content tailored to your interests, delivered daily by Nike athletes and experts.
• Training & Coaching – Expert advice delivered by Nike athletes, coaches and personal trainers.
• Daily Recommendations – The gear and apparel you need for your favorite sports, activities and more.

Special Events
• Nike Events – Reserve spots at the best events Nike has to offer, from New York to Los Angeles.

Check the Latest Trends
• Seasonal Gear – Go shopping for this season’s must have looks with access to gear in your size.
• New Style Trends – Discover new ways to wear your favorite Nike products with the world’s top stylists.
• Nike Editors – See what products the editors recommend and this week’s top picks for shoes and clothing.

No matter which sports you follow, we've got you covered:
• Running
• Basketball
• Lifestyle
• Football
• Soccer
• Skateboarding
• Golf
• Baseball

Get instant access to the latest in shoes and clothing reserved for your, and get invitations to special Nike events before anyone else. Go shopping for all Nike products with The Nike App.

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Nike APK reviews

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LaMark M White review LaMark M White
Gotta love Nike!
Awesome app
Kumar Gogle review Kumar Gogle
Cool app for shop.
Kris Britton review Kris Britton
Super Improved App
This new app boasts many great features, including workouts, shopping and sports news that automatically connect to your tailor made feed daily. As a Nike Freak, I couldn't ask for anything better!
Maurion Shelly review Maurion Shelly
I love this app
The nike plus app is so amazing. I love how the stuff from my Nike cart automatically show up. One thing I dont like is the fact that we cannot select the items in our carts.Hopefully an update will come in the near future.Overall, great app
Mike Verbik review Mike Verbik
I'm logged into my account I can favorite or like things while logged in and add to my cart but when I go to my cart the app says that it's timed out or there's an error. Even after logging out and logging back in. And you cant try to pull up the site on mobile because it defaults to the app so basically I can't use it. Frustrating. Especially when new drops occur and i cant complete purchase.
Isaac May review Isaac May
Very good
One of the best apps out there for cloths
Juiceboisneakers review Juiceboisneakers
Great app
Favorite nike app. This app is a must have for a sneakerhead or shoe lover on the go
Quinn Carranza review Quinn Carranza
It is not intuitive to get to the store and shop all products. The 'curated' products usually don't interest me. But visually the app is great and its a nice way to check out products when you can actually find what you are looking for. I prefer using the mobile site.
SJ King review SJ King
No reservations and not fluid on android
Tyrone Williams review Tyrone Williams
Like the app!
Nick Litz review Nick Litz
4/5 because when auto logged out there is a bug that does not allow you to log back in to add to or review your bag. Fix and it's a 5 stars app. Very intuitive and has all the goods.
Sicia Ojeda review Sicia Ojeda
Everything in one app!
Everything is available right at my finger tips! Love love love it!
You did a good job.
Aaron Stewart review Aaron Stewart
I like the app and I like the stuff that shows up on the app. The only problem I have with it is that when I want to order something from the app, I have to go to the cart. But before I go to my cart, I have to put in a password in order to purchase something. What's up with that? Can you guys please fix that issue? That would be awesome.
Robert K. review Robert K.
Love it.
Great app. Love the selection of items available.