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Nettime Kiosk - Centralized Time Tracking For Your Employees

Nettime Kiosk description

Only Nettime administrators should download the Nettime Kiosk app. Users without the appropriate administrator credentials will be unable to access the app.

Please refer to your training materials for information on creating a new terminal and linking to the app.

The Nettime Kiosk app enables Stratustime® clients to turn an Android tablet into a working time clock for their employees to record their time and perform other self-service options. Employees can quickly punch in/out, punch for lunches and breaks, and perform job transfers, even when the device is in a location without an established cellular or Wi-Fi signal. Employers can grant employees access to enter pay adjustments, request time off, view their schedule, and view/approve their time card. Clients can enable an optional image-capture setting during the time of a punch.
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