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Netsurvey app allows you to answer surveys from your Smartphone
In this app, you will find some surveys especially addapted for your Smartphone. With these surveys, you will also earn Caracolas. You will be able to give your opinion about a TV program while you watch it, answer some questions about a product while you are shopping, or even answer a survey about any topic while you are travelling.
With Netsurvey, surveys are very easy to answer:
1. You will be able to answer them wherever and whenever you are, with an Internet connection or offline.
2. Surveys are easy and entertaining, as they are especially designed for smartphones, with a very innovative design.
3. You will have the possibility to attach photos during the survey.
4. There is the possibility to access to read QR codes.
5. You may share your localization, so you can show where you saw a specific product, or from which supermarket you are answering our survey.

This app won’t interfere with your Internet navigation speed. Your answers or the other data that we collect (photos, localization, etc.) will be analyzed aggregately only to obtain statistics. This data won’t identify you personally.
If you have any doubts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us in [email protected] (Spain), [email protected] (Mexico), or [email protected] (Latin America).

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