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Neo Monsters 2.10 apk, update on 2019-12-20
Form your team and battle for victory! Capture, train, and evolve to become the champion in one of the biggest monster battling RPGs!

Neo Monsters is an addictive strategy RPG that features epic 4v4 battles between two teams of up to 16 monsters. The unique turn-based battle system allows you to come up with powerful chain strategies by combining hundreds of abilities. Hunt down the strongest monsters and harness their power, then take the battle online to dominate in exciting PvP battles and leagues! Are you ready to take the challenge?

● Build your Monster Collection
✔ Capture and evolve over 1000 fully animated monsters!
✔ Train your monsters and unleash their deadly potential.
✔ Collect evolution ingredients to create the ultimate power!

● Form a Battle Strategy
✔ Build the ultimate team of up to 16 monsters.
✔ Defeat your opponents in epic turn-based 4v4 battles!
✔ Create devastating combinations from hundreds of abilities.

● Become the Champion
✔ Conquer six Leagues and take on the Grand Champion in 60+ hours of adventure!
✔ Explore multiple islands and dungeons on your journey.
✔ Follow the story to uncover the truth behind your late uncle’s atrocity.

● Take the Battle Online
✔ Duel players from around the world in PvP leagues!
✔ Complete 100+ online missions.
✔ Take on weekly updated events to unlock big rewards.

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Neo Monsters APK reviews

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For those people who that think this game is pay to win game YOU ARE WRONG GUYS except buying this game i never bought any gems to make MY TEAM STRONG!!! so GUYS patience pls. One of the technique to make ur team strong is to do the event island chalenge if available u can have super epic in this event yes legendaries are powerful but super epic is powerful too just make a right combo. Im rank 118 now but i have epic and super epic in my time i just used combos to win the battles. Guys this game is good I hope more improvements to come GOOD WORK GUYS : )
Colin LaFerle review Colin LaFerle
Excellent gameplay, good graphics and easy controls. The only real issue I've seen thus far is the lack of cloud saves. This is a really huge issue too. This means you need to either remember or (likely) write down a restoration code, that is only given at the main start screen. So archaic. If this is addressed, which honestly, it needs to be, it will definitely be 5 stars
Remmie Ellis review Remmie Ellis
The game was great, until it stopped loading correctly. It just stays around 80%. I imagine deleting and redownloading the app would fix the problem, but I didn't write down my restore code so I am reluctant to do so as I know I'll lose everything when I do. I'm just hoping whenever the game updates the problem fixes itself. As many others have said the restore system really hurts the game.
Caleb Rudd review Caleb Rudd
Solid game. The restore function is sub-par though. I had a fairly advanced team a year ago before I uninstalled. Came back to play again with no recourse but to start over, since I did not write down a restore code from my original save progression
Steven Doty review Steven Doty
I started playing this game for a while with no issues at all. When I started getting into the game I regrettably made 3 in-app purchases. Days later Im not even trying to play it and a crash report keeps popping up, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it hoping to fix the crash pop-up and not only did it NOT fix the problem but I lost my restore code not knowing I had to write it down. I rarely have problems with any apps/games. I am a proud google customer but I know this isnt fair. My purchases just gone forever, it's not right.
<span dir=عارف review"> عارف
Hi dev..there is a problem playing the survival of the fittest 2.0..I didn't get bullbrazen.. could there be a glitch in the game? Plz fix this..thanks in advance..P/S been trying to reach you but no reply from support group
Mallory ~ review Mallory ~
Most of the stuff I complained about in my first review has been taken care of. It's still frustrating to feel like all my monsters are too underpowered to do much, and I wish gems were less expensive to buy with real money. Wish it was a bit easier to get legendaries too. Feel like everyone else does besides me. But other than that it's vastly improved. Super appreciate the devs listening to our input.
Mohamad Hamlee review Mohamad Hamlee
Please selling gem cheap price.. after that... really fun..
Michael Wakefield review Michael Wakefield
Great game for the price would recommend this to anyone
Vic Anthony Suliva review Vic Anthony Suliva
Every time I tap on the golden egg for monsters it only shows a download progress bar but it doesn't even seem to have any progress and my internet connection is great. Its also the same when I try to go online. Please get this fixed.
Johnny M. review Johnny M.
Pretty good game, has a nice Pokemon feel to it.
Shamiel Esau review Shamiel Esau
Totally awsome
Prince Mendoza review Prince Mendoza
Is their other way to recover my restore code, i just changed phone today and I forgot the restore code on my other device! so pls can someone help me? then I will rate this 5 star if that happens
cody champa review cody champa
Good game, but the pay-to-play aspect is over the top.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing the game, but a vast majority of the monsters can only be acquired through paying. The story is good, but has limited exploration. Also, the few in game rares have ridiculously hard fights. Overall the game is good, but I'd prefer to pay upfront. It would be nice if at least half of the monsters could be caught without paying. This game could be wonderful with a little more consideration to the players.. That was the most disappointing part.
Nick Magin review Nick Magin
Fairly good, but removed some fun features.
Overall it's fun, but they removed the old slot machine system in favor of a randomized egg, which I think is rather lame. I enjoyed being able to get what I wanted if I was good at it. But from a company standpoint that sadly isn't great. The scaling is a bit hard later on but still worth the 99 cents.