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NassWallet - Digital Banking made for a New Era.

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622 ratings

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- Money Transfer
- Salary Payment
- Bill Payment
- Airtime Top-Up
- e- Voucher
- Pay with QR Code
- Add Cash and Make Withdrawals
- Pair with NassWallet Mastercard

An easy to use, secure and effortlessly efficient mobile app.
You can open an account directly from your mobile device or at your nearest NassWallet branch with only two forms of identification. There is no activation fee, no cash-in fee and no minimum balance. You can add cash to your account anywhere, anytime.

You are in control of your money. Your NassWallet balance is equivalent to the same amount of cash you add and can be used to purchase daily essentials, goods and services in seconds simply by scanning a QR code at all participating NassWallet partners - from supermarkets to retail stores, restaurants, hospitals and entertainment facilities to your local grocery.

Start sending money to your family members and friends wherever they are without the need to visit a money transfer office or a bank branch. Simply, enter their mobile number or wallet ID, the exact amount you want to send and confirm the transaction with your unique registered MPIN code and confirm. That’s all it.

Moreover, buying gifts for your friends and loved ones could not be any easier with NassWallet e-vouchers, mobile and internet top-up function.

If you are a business or an institution (small or large), we know how challenging payday can be and that’s why we have enable bulk salary payment as part of NassWallet. You can pay from one to hundreds and thousands of employees at a click of a button no matter where the receiver is - they will have their NassWallet account credited without needing to travel anywhere to collect the cash in person.
You need to have access to your cash ? That’s not a problem. You can simply visit your nearest NassWallet branch across Iraq to process your withdrawal request in minutes.


NassWallet is a regulated and certified electronic financial services provider with the Central Bank of Iraq.
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