My Chihiros APK

My Chihiros
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My Chihiros 1.1.4 apk, update on 2020-01-17
My Chihiros APP provides a user friendly single interface for all of Chihiros Aquatic Studio’s smart aquarium devices.

Features include quick set sunrise and sunset effects; setup a timer with a touch of your finger for each of your light’s colors; Share and save your customized preset.

My Chihiros will be updated to include additional smart aquarium devices as they become available.

Supports the following devices from
Chihiros Commander 1 controller
Chihiros Commander 4 controller
Chihiros New WRGB
Chihiros New RGB A PLUS
Chihiros X300
Chihiros X400
Chihiros RGB VIVID
Chihiros Doctor bluetooth
Chihiros Doctor mate