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Now play with abnormal creatures in the game

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Mutant Mods for Minecraft description

Mutant Mods for Minecraft - add horrible mutants, they are strong and dangerous, every mutant in this addon will be stronger than before in your world. Your world will be complex and full of dangerous adventures. This mod adds new monster skills, new mutation types, new skins, survival maps, textures, blocks, crafting.

Potion of mutation - in this mod you can turn ordinary mob into mutant. The drink can be prepared using ordinary crafts or on the stove.

Enderman - this mob has always been scary and powerful, in this addon it is the strongest monster not counting the bosses. Enderman can stop the rain, in this mod he clones himself and paralyzes the enemy with a scream. What can save you is a pumpkin on your head.

Drowned - it is better not to enter the water. In the water, the player is weaker than on land, and even more dangerous with a new drowned. In mods it moves fast in water. These monsters use their mighty trident for melee and ranged combat.

The pig spider is a mutant of an ordinary pig and a spider. In this add-on, when the mob meets the victim's eyes, it begins to drop the web and grab the victim.

The zombie wolf is a terrible creature. In this mod, he is very hostile. He lives alone in
the bottom. Wolves - in this addon they have become much bigger and stronger, so players have an even stronger enemy. Once tamed, wolves can be ridden the same way as horses.

Zombie Pigman, Piglin and Violent Piglin, Wither Skeleton, Skeletons and Zimoghorns, Creeper Creeper, Zombie and Husk, Snow Golem and many more are available in our app.

- Easy and intuitive installation of mods skins
- A large number of addons and mods
- Textures and resource packs
- New types of mob mutations, new skins, survival maps
- You have never met such scary monsters, with this addon
- Each new mutant is now much more powerful
- The player can face the mutant in mod on land and underwater.
- New mod adds more mutants with amazing powers to the game

Mutant Mods for Minecraft DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft. This app is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. The Minecraft name, the Minecraft trademark and the Minecraft Assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respected owner. All rights reserved. According to Mojang Studios Account http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

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