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Music Notation 0.6.23 apk, update on 2017-02-23

A new app, Chaconne, is now available in Beta, which has many improvements over this one. Please consider it:

Passacaglia may still suit you if you have an older, slower device.

A music notation and composition application to compose scores with multiple staves, primarily aimed at tablets, though also useful on larger phones.

The free version is a demo - it allows you to explore all the features of the app, but you must purchase the full version to be able to save your work.

This is a first release and does not contain all the features I intend it to have, but I believe it has enough functionality to be useful.

If it lacks a feature you require, or it has a bug, please contact me before leaving a negative rating and I will work to fix it. As a solo developer, I don't have the resources to test on all available devices, so your feedback is very important. If you do like it, please leave a positive rating - this is very important for search results and rewarding the work I've put in, and costs you just a few seconds of your time!


- Multiple staves and instruments
- Flexible, dynamic layout ensuring symbols make space for each other
- Zoom and scroll
- Tuplets and cross-rhythms
- Playback
- Select and paste bars, parts of bars or entire ranges
- Undo/redo
- 'View' mode allows viewing score alone on the page
- Ornaments and articulations
- Single grace notes (groups of grace notes will be added in later versions)
- Dynamics, fermata
- Tied notes
- Change clef, time and key signature at start or in middle of score
- Repeat bars, DC, Segno etc.
- Hairpin dynamics, slurs, 8va, pedal markings
- Compound and irregular time signatures
- Transpose part or all of score
- Insert any tempo or expression marking
- Change tempo at start of score or in middle
- Chord symbols
- Add or delete bars

Paid version includes:
- Save feature
- Export to JPG and MIDI (other export options, such as Music XML will be added soon)
- Autosave

Music Notation APK reviews

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Jacob William review Jacob William
Music Notation
Music Notation is a stunning musical score creator App. Excellent interface. Great job! Functionality is good.
Fhamid Sunf review Fhamid Sunf
Great app for music notation creator. Cool feature and easy to use. I liked it so much.
meetu verma review meetu verma
Music lovers.
When i downloaded this app, i was really excited. after downloading i realised, the app is what i was looking for. I'm curious what developers come up with next :)
YeYintSoe .guitar man review YeYintSoe .guitar man
Good app
Kamal Jain review Kamal Jain
Nice work good job
Brenda Pret review Brenda Pret
Music Notations
Very nice app. Multiple staves and instruments music score creator enabling composition of music
Gerardo Madrigal review Gerardo Madrigal
This is a demo version only. (Try before you buy). Many full version features not available . Does not save work. Look for the paid version.
Jake Orme review Jake Orme
Should be easier to use you should be able to type what notes you want it depends what your looking for but this app isn't for me ???
Ben Todd review Ben Todd
Great start! Amazing app
I've been waiting for a stable notation app for Android for a long time. This app is already really usable but I've brought the full app to support development. I would put being able to export midi to a local file at the top of my needs list. Sharing via Gmail etc isn't possible when you have no data connection.
Andrew Flack review Andrew Flack
Great app - straightforward to use
I've been looking for a straightforward reasonably priced notation app for android for a while. Something to easily sketch ideas. This does the job admirably and the developer's communication is great. App is constantly improving.
Sherick Guthrie review Sherick Guthrie
The best advanced composition app for android
Not only does this app have all of the necessary tools for advanced, and complex scores, the creator has gone above and beyond to make improvements, and communicates regularly. * * * * * *
Colin Marks review Colin Marks
Excellent app - the best music notation tool I've seen.
Triad Andrew review Triad Andrew
The only decent notation app on android
Seriously, it has the articulations, pedal markings. PDF export would be awesome also don't know how to change the default violin staff to piano or other instrument.
Narasimhan V.S. review Narasimhan V.S.
Good App! There are a number of useful features!
Marcus Phillips review Marcus Phillips
I would love a refund.
It had real potential, but it just didn't work. I couldn't do anything. It didn't respond to anything. I spent money on this for the full version and i would like it back. This is awful.