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Music Flow Player
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Music Flow Player 1.9.76 apk, update on 2019-06-24
Music Flow Player is an exclusive HiFi wireless audio app of LG.
You can use Music Flow Player to listen to music which you listened to using your phone through LG HiFi wireless audio.
You can integrate and control to play different or same songs from various places around your house such as smart phone, tablet, PC, etc. at the same time using Music Flow Player.

Also, you can control easy streaming of Audio Streaming Service that is supported by LG HiFi wireless audio.

Easily enjoy and share your songs at any time and any place through Music Flow Player.

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Music Flow Player APK reviews

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Michael Dunbar review Michael Dunbar
No Xbox music support
No Xbox music support, please add support for this music streaming service. Thanks.
Dilip Chohan review Dilip Chohan
One more thing!!! Crashes aswell
One more thing needed in this app, I have a whole cinema (hs6, and 2 h3) and all lg needs to do is allow to turn on and off in each device... If done I will rate 5 stars and I will buy a third system. also the app crashes so I cannot ddo any thing
Josh Staras review Josh Staras
Great sound
Originally the app would never open. Now that it works its great, easy to use and great sound quality
neil clarke review neil clarke
Update has broken it
This was ideal, able to play music from me NAS but the latest update has stopped that. It just comes up with 'cannot play this file' ... Sigh
Jason Lee review Jason Lee
After 5 months it is still rubbish drops out all the time disconnects losses speakers nothing but hard work please lg refund my money
Shane Helsby review Shane Helsby
The Google Cast integration is incomplete and confusing. It seems you need to have both the LG Music Flow app and the Google Play Music app running. Also, the LG Music Flow speaker is not always available on the network to cast to from Google Play Music; it randomly disappears and only when you re-initialize from the LG app does it reappear. Finally, when Google Play Music is streaming to the LG Music Flow speaker, it will randomly stop at the end of a song not continue.
Chethan Kuncham review Chethan Kuncham
Needs Stability
App needs improvement and more stability. Speakers are good and value for money.
Yuri Kirillov review Yuri Kirillov
Does not see DLNA servers
This is very disappointing. LG's advertised feature to support DLNA player was the decisive argument for me to make the buying decision. The reality is quite the opposite. The device does not see any DLNA servers on my home network, though the Windows version of this LG application sees 5 DLNA servers. When you finally find the menu item responsible for DLNA server sync (the interface is not intuitive), the app just says 'The storage space of Music Flow product is insufficient'. Period. I could not do anything. This is absolutely disgraceful on LG's side. LG, are you going to play on the smart audio market? Are aware you have competition? Why do you allow yourself to publish such buggy applications? Why your product does not work as advertised? You have to immediately fix the bug.
Alan Brindley review Alan Brindley
App needs improving, Speakers great sound
so, Speakers work great, jerky playing music to start, changed mesh network to 5GHz resolved, but this seems to reset if speaker powered off/on, limit on number of tracks in queue as crashes app, app crashes way too often, import/export playlists option would be nice so would be a sort function and find duplicate tracks option, needs more support for users but a good start
Jayesh Jarka review Jayesh Jarka
There is no exit button android update. Needs a lot of work. Its difficult to nevigate various options too
Victor Scott review Victor Scott
Queue / playing problems
App is ok when it works but it takes ages to start playing a file and when playing a queue or playing won't play every song and gives up when it can't play more then a couple. I haven't been able to get it to play more then one song in a list and the songs OT says it can't play will play fine if selected individually. Network is Ac so plenty fast enough with all devices (router, phone and speaker) within a metre of each other. can't find any technical support online. About to give up on the app.
Michael Crowther review Michael Crowther
Not fit for purpose
Can't get decent steam, music is jerky and dropping out all the time, app is pretty poor for a large tech company in 2015, admittedly a weak ADSL connection however I can stream Netflix fine! Also ran this parallel with my sonos which was fine, I guess you do get what you pay for. Is there any excuse not to be rolling out updates? LG have jumped into this market but they've not shown the care and attention required, avoid. ***update*** the speakers are going back to jb, good hardware, terrible software.
aaron vanzati review aaron vanzati
Somehow after a couple hours of mucking around with it finaly got it all to sync up and the sound was jerky and kept dropping out. When returning and turning it all back on had to search for every thing again and when i try to pair it all up keeps saying the speakers need to be updated, and when i try to update them it just says it is already at the latest version ??
Michael Collins review Michael Collins
If I could give a zero rating I would. The speakers sound great but the app is not for for purpose
Arthur Ling review Arthur Ling
Cant sync to DNLA server
Wont find/sync to my music sources - not sure what the issue is. Connects to wifi ok and spotify but cannot find the DNLA server