Movie Play Box: Watch Movies Online, Stream TV APK

Movie Play Box: Watch Movies Online, Stream TV
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Movie Play Box: Watch Movies Online, Stream TV 1.1.3 apk, update on 2018-02-05
Movie Play Box is a movie streaming and TV streaming application that offers online movie streaming for latest movies and series on smartphones and tablets in HD. Movie Play Box app will give you ability to watch movies online, and you can also watch series and TV streams as well. So you can use Movie Play Box as a show app for your free movies and favorite television series, to watch movies online, and enjoy your free TV streaming.

Movie Play Box is one of the best show, and movies apps, because it offers a variety of movies and television shows, and for all genres, comedy, action, drama, Korean, anime.. and you can watch any movie or series at any time you want. The movie app has also a very rare feature which is multi-language subtitle support for many languages (English, French, German, Korean and so many other languages). So Movie Play Box will be the best choice for you to watch movies for free on phone.

Movie Play Box is a watch movies online free app that streams TV and movies for free. You can watch movies online, and enjoy your unlimited TV streaming for free and without restrictions. All you have to do is to be online when using the app.

Watch movies online with or without subtitles. You can enjoy your TV streaming with or without subtitles, so that can turn on or turn off the subtitles, and play subtitles in language you want.

Easily search and find the best hidden movies and TV show, using this movie box, you are able to find a lot of shows that you do not know about.

Bookmark your films and TV shows to watch them later. You can easily bookmark your favorite TV shows to access them easily later.

Free streaming for all movies, series and TV shows
Bookmark movies and series that you want to watch later
The latest movies and series in HD
Variety of movies, and TV shows
Possibility to search for movies and find them
Huge updated movies library

So what are you waiting for? Download Movie Play Box and enjoy your free TV and movie streaming!

Movie Play Box: Watch Movies Online, Stream TV APK reviews

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Kirsten Horacek review Kirsten Horacek
*Updated* no longer having problems, working perfectly again! * I LOVE this app! Love it, I have never had a problem with it, until today. I'm not sure why. If it's my phone, internet, or if it's the app. It's either loading until I give up on waiting, or shuts down a little ways into viewing. Other than that I would have nothing but praise for this app. There are so many movies, and TV shows especially, that are hard to find elsewhere.
A Google user review A Google user
I love this app. It gives me a wide selection between movies and series. Their quality is good, and I love the availability of subtitles! Would have given five stars, if it werent for that it suddenly close in middle of movies, several times in a row. So annoying. But overall, the app is great! Also would like to have available a "see from where you last watched" option
Kwazzy review Kwazzy
This app is AMAZING! It has every show, and movie I could ever want to watch. I have looked at other apps before, but they were missing most of the shows I wanted to watch, but this app has all of them! The app is easy to use, and I love all the features with there video player, there's the volume, the brightness, the time, and it even shows your battery! This app is the best of all the other movie apps wrapped up in to this great app! GET THE APP PEOPLE!
CarolAnn Taylor review CarolAnn Taylor
So far so good! I like adding to favorites to watch movies on my day's off. I hope hope you can add the option off letting the screen on the phone or tablet to shut off so it wont kill the battery. And improve the sound level on devices so don't have to crank my T.V. volume to 100 just to hear it... lol i have forgotten a few times to lower the sound and almost fell off the couch when i switched to other stuff on T.V.. or go back to playing game. Lol
Liliana Veronique Saundrine Sontheim review Liliana Veronique Saundrine Sontheim
It works perfect. This bit of advertisements is okay, I'm fine with it, also because there are no advertising breaks during a show. If a movie won't load well (buffering) it's rather due to a corrupted internet link or the connection itself I guess, but that is not the fault of the app itself. Just watch anything else then that'll work. The app is very fine, thank you guys and keep up the good work.
A Google user review A Google user
Amazing! But the only problem I have is when you leave your app it restarts the application and you have to find what you were watching again and look for where you are at. The app has started to buffer and I can't watch the video as the selection won't show only happened recently. Pls sort this out otherwise it's just amazing!
Cathie Jean Louis review Cathie Jean Louis
Woowww they seem to have everything .... like every show movie that could possibly exist! However they don't seem to have all the links available so yes when you search a show there will be the images of the different seasons but when you try to watch that show it will show no link... only continuously load.... so it kinda sucks but otherwise I'm just in looovveeee with this app. The videos work and have very good quality!!!! And I'm Canadian!!! (Sometimes they won't show the content because you're not in the U.S....)
Joanne Mc Hugh review Joanne Mc Hugh
Absolutely love this app. Its great can watch so many TV shows/movies. Only thing is it doesnt remember where you left off when close the app and I dont know how to cast it to samsung TV. If i could do that i wouldnt pay sky subsription. If anyone knows can they let me know??
Joseph Kuss review Joseph Kuss
I had at least 10 different apps on my tab/phone. This is by FAR, FAR, FAR the best ever. I cast all my movies and this is the best APP for that. Every movie my other apps had this has. Plus filtering and searching is Awesome. Casting with VPN? That's my only problem. Do I need a VPN? I believe this runs off of Terrarium TV, does it already have a built in VPN? I guess I could google it but I'm to busy watching MOVIES.
Cynthia Wilder review Cynthia Wilder
I know ads are part of the app being free, but to kick you out of what you are watching to play an add and not let you resume is very frustrating. If yer gonna kick me out at least let me resume after the add. I have found all my favorite TV shows and a few new movies. Fix the resume and get a better rating!
Lorie Cruz review Lorie Cruz
LOVE THIS app! I was using Showbox, but it has since stopped working as well as it used to. This app is perfect! It plays beautifully (no pausing), it gives tons of different links, it lists your faves alphabetically, and it has a HUGE selection of movies and shows that Showbox didn't have. I'm so excited to watch all my fave shows and movies now! Thanks for creating this app! 10000000 stars!
Sie Bear review Sie Bear
Awesome. It gives 3rd party links, and the algorithm they use to find links & connect to IMDb along with the app interface is excellent. Only problem is some shows etc show full seasons but habe no links... Not a problem for 99% of things though so NBD. Sync this with AllCast to you TV and you are set!
A Google user review A Google user
At first I really loved it but I find I spend more time trying to get it to play and cast it on my tv the pan I do watching a movie or tv shoe. I'm writing this after spending the last 3hrs trying to get a tv show to play using Chromecast. I was able to watch the first episode fine but after that if it did play it would only play for about 10min then stop,if I pause it for awhile then put it back on I would get another 10min of programming but then it's back to doing the same thing again. I have Netflix it doesn't have as good a library but the programming at least plays from start to finish. Sorry but no 5 stars here.
A Google user review A Google user
Don't get me wrong. The app is the best I've ever used thanks to a countless variety of shows and movies. But several shows (Monsters and Mysteries in America being one) buffer too much and there are no working links. Sorry but I am not into the app anymore unless you can fix the link problems
Vincent Zerveskes review Vincent Zerveskes
Only been using this a few days but so far I believe this is literally the best app on my phone! I use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Now, & Vudu pretty regularly as I don't have cable, but this app still seems to have more! Any movie or show I've thought of & done a search for has come up so far, seriously! Hopefully it can stay as good as it is because allot of apps start out great then go downhill. Please don't change it... ?